LED Tv Repair

LED failure

This time my dear friends I bring you a very simple solution to the failures of led televisions that suddenly in the most unexpected way turns off your screen but it is heard normally, if this happens it is very likely that it is a fault in the LEDs that illuminate the TV screen.

If at any time your TV with Led technology stops giving an image and only listens, there is a high probability that the LEDs that illuminate the screen are faulty, since these LEDs work in continuity, and if any of the set will arrive to be damaged the others will not turn on and for this reason the screen will not light up and it will only be heard.

Repairing this fault may not be so complicated, just buy some LEDs of the same quality and specifications.

The first thing is to carefully disassemble the TV, remembering that the part of the screen is very delicate and must be treated very delicately.

Once the entire screen system has been disassembled and being in the part where the Led set is located, the LEDs must be tested one by one to see which one is damaged.

Once the damaged LEDs are located, identify them and having the replacements already, proceed to change them or mount them so that the originals remain in an excavated way.

Before assembling it is recommended to do a power-up test to be sure that everything is fine and that the set of LEDs lights up in its entirety.

Bought everything, put together and enjoy your led TV back to normal.

It is always advisable to have the necessary tools and experience for this or to take it to a person who is a specialist in the matter or if you want to try it you can do it under the supervision of an expert.

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