How to Test a Capacitor without Capacimeter

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Hello friends, many times we have encountered problems with electronics or basic electricity in our homes, and sometimes we do not have the appropriate instruments to make measurements and checks of certain components.

On this occasion I will show you how to check and measure Filters and electrolytic capacitors without having a Capacimeter.


The Capacimeter is a digital instrument capable of measuring capacitances of capacitors and filters of electrical and electronic components. Many multimeters do not have this option and if they do, it is a limited scale, which makes us depend on a professional technician or the specific tool.

In this case with a simple analog multimeter (needle) we can see in its most exact approximation its state and level of capacitance. Then I will show you how to do it:


Everything you need:

-Condensers to measure.
-Pigger or Pliers with Electrical Protection.
-Analog multimeter.
-Digital multimeter or capacimeter (optional).


The first thing to do is with the tweezers or pliers is to check that the Capacitor does not have any type of voltage stored, to discharge it, join the two terminals with great caution. (There are many ways to discharge capacitors, this is one of the fastest and easiest). This is to prevent a high stored charge from damaging the measuring instrument.


After unloading it with the multimeter or digital capacimeter, we connect each end to a terminal of the capacitor. If it is in good condition, its reading should be close to the value with which it is marked. (in this case it was a 0.8 uf / 2000v AC Microwave capacitor)


In this case with the digital multimeter gave its approximate value, which is summarized in one that is in optimal conditions

When a capacitor is damaged the multimeter will not give any value (in many cases it can in diode scale, give continuity).


In this capacitor we did not obtain any value, which is summarized in a damaged capacitor.

But if I don't have a Multimeter or Digital Capacimeter?

Now we have already been able to measure and check the states of condensers with digital and specialized instruments, but if I don't have one at home, either because they are more expensive than an analog and conventional one.

The method of checking with a needle multimeter is very simple and also effective.

Just place each tip of the instrument (in ohm scale, either 1x, 10, or 100x) in each terminal of the Capacitor and you will see a rise and fall of the needle very quickly, while the capacitor is more charged it will be a little slower the rise and fall of the galvanometer needle. This tells us that the capacitor is charging and discharging, and although we will not know its exact value, it tells us that it is charging and discharging voltage.


For this case, we can see that the capacitor charges and discharges, in the photo it cannot be appreciated well because being a 0.8uf capacitor the rise and fall of the needle is very fast, but by not giving a resistance value we also gives a good expectation, which we can summarize in a condenser in optimal conditions.


But in this case we observe that it gives us resistance and does not raise or lower the needle, but stays in one place, this means that it is not loading or unloading, therefore it is a damaged condenser.

These Tips are useful for measuring capacitors without the need for a digital millimeter or capacitor, and many times at home we have an instrument of this type, either to measure condensers in the fridge, air conditioning, or any other household device.


Greetings and I hope you liked it, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write me and I will gladly answer and help you.

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Fantastic write up. With this simple illustration i dont think it is compulsory to get capacimeter before doing the needful

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Thank you ... I hope it is useful to those who need it :)

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