Glucometer Repair

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Glucometer that does not Turn On

Hello friend, this time a friend came to me to study the possibility of repairing her mother's Glucometer, since you do not have enough means to acquire a new one and must keep her mother's glucose level controlled and supervised.

When I saw the equipment and put the batteries in, it did not actually turn on, so I went to disassemble and perform the respective visual inspection to be able to find the most accurate diagnosis.

After disassembling the equipment, it was possible to notice the presence of a type of blue sulfate, which predominated in all the contacts, this is bad, because it will not allow the energy to be distributed correctly in all the electronic elements of the board.

It was also noted the lack of the ignition contact that had completely deteriorated, and it must be rebuilt from the track lines that made the main ignition contact.

The first thing is with the help of the correct additives, leave everything in a complete state of cleanliness and thus proceed to carry out a soldering of all the electronic components, with the help of solid Flux and solder paste, this to reactivate non-contact solders damaged by dirt present.

Clean the board and apply the flux and paste and proceed to reactivate all the lost and dirty contacts, mainly those of the integrated circuits, logic and controllers.

The ignition button that had been completely lost was also rebuilt (this with two very thin sheets of bronze and with the contacts previously made Witherspoon tin).

Done the reactivation of the contacts now apply some voltage and see if the device turns on correctly.

The device turned on correctly now, it only remains to arm and call my friend to give her the good news.

One less device that will stop the garbage and that is given a new use and for use as important as health.

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