The Nuke Map USA Edition

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Found this map on a GAB post today and thought I should share.

It's a nuke & fallout map of the United States created in 2015 with data from FEMA. It doesn't say who is nuking the US, but let's pretend it's Russia because the CCP would never do such a thing....

As I was looking for places to bug out, or places I have been to out in the middle of nowhere I noticed something odd, nuclear strikes on places in the middle of nowhere. For example, very near to Topaz Mountain, where I was last week, here

WTF would Russia be nuking out in BFE I thought? How about the United States' largest beryllium deposit at Spor Mountain?

Makes sense since beryllium is used in satellites, missiles, jet aircraft and more. Drop a nuke or two on Spor Mountain, where bertrandite(beryllium ore) is mined & stored and you wipe out a large source critical to the US's ability to produce high tech weaponry.

I noticed it's considered a military target too. Trust me, there are no secret bases out there. After Spor Mountain it's a massive dry lake bed, just like, oh shit, Groom Lake! EDIT - Someone pointed out Dugway Proving Ground (DPG) so seems I was a bit off, but the map shows 2 nukes so maybe I'm half right!

So I am having to rethink my nuclear holocaust survival bug out zones. Eastern Nevada seems good. I've been to a few places out there and you'd be surprised, as you climb into some of the mountains or down into the valleys, how nice it is. The big problem I have is beating the missiles there while driving from Southern California. A 6-8hour drive just isn't going to work, even on the backroads I know. Don't even get me started on how much the gas will cost!

How about you? Are you near a fallout free zone? Or are you just gonna put on some shades and pop open one last ice cold beer and watch it all burn with the fam?


Oh sorry, that was a live look at LUNA bagholders.

Thanks for reading!


Well... I live basically on the old Cold War DEW Line so... I'm either in the best spot to just watch the missiles sail overhead. Or I'm in the WORST spot where either they will strike the DEW line sites with missiles, or the missiles will be intercepted above our territory.

Either way, this is NOT the ideal spot to spend a Nuclear Winter as it's already cold enough, so we will be hoping to head in a south-westerly direction towards Northern Saskatchewan. Everything important in Saskatchewan is in the bottom third of the province minus the Uranium deposits in the tippy top north of Saskatchewan, but I don't really think we'll have to worry too much about uranium mining starting up any time soon after a major event like this.

Truthfully, though, after seeing the Russian Federation in their Special Military Operation, I highly doubt even 1/6th of those nukes would make it to their intended targets.

On the bright side, maybe those beautiful areas in Northern Canada will warm up.....

Good point on those missiles actually making it to their targets. 40 year old, crappy Russian tech may be our savior!