Pink Tourmaline In Quartz For Sale

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UPDATE #4 & #5 are sold.
For HIVE only I have a bunch of pink tourmaline in quartz for sale. You can pay me via HIVE, HBD or fiat(Cashapp, Paypal, etc).

Here are the first 6. Price is $20 each which includes shipping to the lower 48 states in the USA. I can ship overseas, but you will have to pay for the shipping costs and any VAT taxes or other fees.















How to pick. Each piece is numbered so reference the number when you contact me. I will send you a picture of that specimen to confirm that is correct one.

I do have better pieces, bi-color, green, etc. which are more expensive if you are interested. I also have some listed on my Etsy shop right now:

About these tourmaline. They come from a little known mine called the San Diego Mine in Mesa Grande, San Diego County, California. They were mined by Fred Rynerson many years ago. Fred Wrote a bit about his mining activities in his book Exploring and Mining Gems and Gold in the West

The San Diego Mine was located next to the famous Himalaya Mine. Here is a link for further reading and information on the mine: San Diego Mine

These pieces are much nicer in person than my pictures can show.



I definitely want piece #5 and maybe #4!

Awesome. Let me know if you need more pictures. #5 has pink tourmaline, lepidolite & probably dark green tourmaline. Usually black doesn't grow with pink. I'll double check it in the morning.

How do I contact you with the info?
Do you prefer Hive or Hive Dollars?

you can also contact me through Etsy and I can give you my contact info.

Etsy it is:)

Got it. Just sent you my e-mail. Let's handle it all there.

Are you on Discord? HBD is preferable, but HIVE is fine too.

Yay! 🤗
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