Mineral Mondays #72 - Mineral Photography

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We've been acquiring a lot of minerals over the past few months so I thought it would be a good time to share some of those with you.

The first set of images are from minerals in our shop in Japan.

A cool little scepter quartz from Scepter Hill, Arizona.

Always some of my favorites, Vanadinite I collected in the Geronimo Mine, Arizona.

Topaz from Topaz Mountain, Utah self collected.

An aesthetic pink tourmaline with lepidolite on feldspar from San Diego Mine, California.

Pentagonite from Wagholi Quarry, India.

Cave onyx from Kokoweef, California.

Neptunite(black) with benitoite(blue)

Smokey quartz with a bit of amazonite from Lake Geroge, Colorado.

Wulfenite from Red Cloud Mine, Arizona.

Blue chalcedony thunder egg from Oregon. Do you see the eye?

Those pictures were all taken with our Canon EOS M50. The following were all taken with my Iphone X using a macro lens.

Topaz with bixbyite from Topaz Mountain, Utah.

Pink tourmaline in quartz from San Diego Mine, CA. The fractures are not in the tourmaline, but the quartz behind it. The tourmaline is very translucent(gemmy).

Paul Bunyan Agate from Barstow, California

Quartz on feldspar from the San Diego Mine, California.

Pyromorphite from Bunker Hill Mine, Idaho.

Tourmaline in quartz from San Diego Mine, CA

If you like minerals or just like looking at them you can view a lot more at our shops:
USA - https://www.etsy.com/shop/Rt395Minerals
Japan - https://www.rt395mineralsjp.com

Thanks for reading!


The Topaz on third image and Neptunite are quite stunning.

Thanks. The topaz I collected recently. It's also etched, meaning the sides of the crystal did not grow smoothly giving it an interesting look.

Neptunite is always beautiful. Looking at that photo now I can see a different position it could have been photographed from that would have made it a better image. Still nice.


Wow! You have all the best pieces here! Love the smoky quartz!
I wish I had the money to get a few pieces of these fantastic quartz!

I would love to send you one, but the cost to ship any package overseas is INSANELY expensive these days.

Those smokeys are special because they are natural, not heat treated. The locality, Lake George, is known for producing some of the best smokey quartz & amazonite specimens in the world.

Thank you very much for your kind thought! Oh! I wouldn’t advise you sending any rock to me as the excuse duty for imported rocks is quite exorbitant. Smokey quartz seems to be my best and stable protector of all time. I carry at least six pebbles or rocks in my pockets daily! They are great protectors and guides to me.
You wouldn’t believe how I depend on rocks everyday!

Wow! Such beautiful pics, but nature gives us such many nice things! Thanks for sharing!

Thank you. Nature is an amazing artist.

Theses are super beautiful

Indeed. Thanks.

You are welcome

The last one is incredible.
It looks like a robed figure holding a book!

Interesting perspective. I can see it.

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These are incredible specimens!

!discovery 37

Ya, and these are the "less" expensive ones. add a zero or two and you get really incredible pieces.

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