Chat GPT-4 Has Arrived And It's Earth Shattering

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A supernova has just gone off. It's not a singularity, but the ramifications of it are Earth shattering. Chat GPT-4 is being tested and the things it is doing are mind blowing, like coding up games in 60 seconds, building iphone apps, building websites, finding Ethereum Contract exploits, drug discovery and on and on.

Here is the link to the tweet detailing all of these events.

Remember this day because it's the day everything changes. Things will move so fast from this point, it's going to be hard to comprehend. I think they are going to restrict access to Chat GPT4 because it is so powerful.

I used to think AI would be just another tool for us, but now I think it's more like Swiss Army Battleship with nukes, drones, lasers, railguns, a flight deck, and shit I can't even think of.

That cabin, off the grid, deep in the Japanese woods is looking real nice these days.

Here is a link to OpenAI

Thanks for reading!


The future is quite scary as AI and robots would be everywhere!

I pray that the 3 laws of robotics have been coded in already. Even with the best safeguards, hackers or the AI hacking itself is a very real threat.

I think the three laws couldn’t be programmed entirely. Robots don’t have ethical standards! If they had, their high ethical standards would get us into real troubles!😂

when did gtp4 come out?

It looks like it isn't a general public release yet, but available to certain users. Plus is available, but I don't think that is v.4 yet.

Yep, I remember that. Quite disturbing.

What I think people don't understand is this v.4 is what they will show people. Think about the military grade AI they won't show. What about China's? Israel's? etc.

Can you see an ai god emerge.

Oh ya, but won't replace mine. AI will be able to trick people and do things even beyond our imagination. Many people will bow down.

Even the elect. Jesus often says "Don't be deceived.."

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