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Sorry, this is coming late..
My name is Onwubolu Clinton but my friends call me Rapha-el. I am a Nigerian, I live in Lagos state and a graduate of Accounting form the University of Nigeria..


I'm a football addict ,a music lover, a writer and an Accountant with keen interest in finance and crypto currencies..



I'm happy to be part of this great community and privileged to meet new people here...


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Welcome on Hive!

Thanks boss..

Hi Clinton. Interesting introductory post. Nice to have you finally join us here. I trust you will have a nice time as long as you keep showing up regularly. I believe you know quite a lot on the platform after going through some few post of yours. You seem to be doing really well and adapting into the community nicely.

Been here is such a great place to and I believe you find that in a few weeks when the rewards starts dropping into your wallet :-). Apart from dropping quality contents, it's important to also focus on engagement and interaction among people here has that will help you a lot in building your stake over time.

Been a football lover and a player yourself, I believe the sportstalk platform will also be a great place to visit especially the @amr008.sports engagement initiative that focus on improving interaction on the frontend. You should consider joining on there to discuss football mmatters. Happy to see you already interacting in a similar initiative here on proof of brain.

You also consider subscribing to communities here on hive that might interest you. hive communities. looking forward to seeing more of you around here and ofcourse to read your interesting contents. Followed

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U are highly welcome clinton to this great community where we learn and interact with one another. U are going to learn so many things here which will make u grow and also add value to ur life.welcome once again bro

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Bless up mate and it is very good to see you here,I must say I have great love for new users when I see them, cause I so much believe that they gave just make the best decision of life by joining this community, cause it is one of the means at which we get build up in life.

Let me say I have little to tell you and even looking at your say already that you already know little about the platform,so to me am seeing that as a plus to your engagement in the community,but let me change your mindset a bit as regards the word,that you are told that you get rewarded for being here and I will say yes you will,but that is not all your presence here,cause with that mindset you might be carried away and you will just lose Focus non other things the community tend to offer.

Let me try and explain little anyway base on the fact that you are a new users,let me use this channel also again to express my interest.and give you little guidelines as a brother mate,it is not a crime that you already know that you tend to warn alot while in this community and I will say yes you will.but i want to you to know that aside that you will get to learn lot of things and even get the chance to interact with millions.of people all over the world

The proofofbrain community to me is a very good a channel where you will get to see alot of interesting and educational content in which you will have your say on and let me say this also just as you have known before,the community also expected you to give out some good content for to the benefits of other users.

This community to me will help you get build up in terms of knowledge,and even making friends across the globe,I can say this by boasting that you won't regret your staying in the community.

Let me tell you that the community is a well placed platform and we are rules and regulations and I want to say your invitee should have done that, but let me do a little bit,things like faming of POB and plagiarism is prohibited in the community,which mean the act of copy and past is something the community NIS Highly against,take not to that ,so that you won't become a victim of down vote from the spamintor.

Also know that their are chat room in the platform am specifically inviting you to this one now myself,that apart from your normal engagement in the community,you can also join on daily Pobtalk organised [email protected] where you get to see lot of issues being raised by users and also chat live with millions of people from different countries,you also get rewarded for doing [email protected] himself on daily basis.

Let me also let you know that you can win POB and upvote at the same time when you comment on the the random thought view organised [email protected],this is where you get the freedom to raise or talk about anything you want to talk about and you still get valued for it.

With all this,let me say you are to enjoy your stay here and just like I do tell others users,once you don't default the rules and regulations,you will surely enjoy your presence here mate,,,,

Finally let me say welcome the the citadel of learning on online, welcome to hive ecosystem, welcome to proofofbrain

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