The ROI we give to our hearer eyeball's hodlers.

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«-Drawing An Audience-»

From long time ago, I used to bring and touch pretty often this sort of subjects on these "Social Networks" in the blockchain. As a scientist, these actually are topics of my interest. Whatever which is related with the brain, the consciousness, the reality and social relationships filtered & processed through our very own and peculiar individual perception throughout this digital realms of the internet, appeals me.

And now that a new social network has emerged from the hive blockchain whose banner and main slogan is "The Proof Of Brain" better known in the own jargon and environment of the general blockchain as PoB along with other semi cryptic terms as PoW, PoS, DPoS related with this new technology. I decided to write this post.

Yeah! I believe it's about time to try to inject a bigger dosage of PoB to this novel community as well as all the neighboring communities that are interconnected with it. Read it, as all the intertwined hive tribes where our PoB content ends up being also published and shared there simultaneously due the strategic and careful use of tags. Let's hope this little experiment brings some interesting results to analyze.

Oh! but first you will have to take a brief test. Since from now on we are gonna talk through a good variety of Phonemes, Morphemes and Phonesthemes. ¿Ready?

«-Perceptual Expectations-»

Ok, I hope you did the test properly and did not cheat. Because if in the comments I catch you with some nonsense, count on me asking you at what frequency did you stop hearing any sound. And you will have to answer. If you want a whale upvote.

Yeah, I am very aware that most of you do not like to read a lot because you tend to consume content from your cell phones instead of using a laptop or a proper PC.

And I suspect the same thing also happens way too often with videos. Since from your cell phones, you don't seem to have the same patience to consume and digest them from beginning to end. ¿Am I right? ...Uhm, ¡Watchout! I am watching you!

Alright, for hundreds of years, we have been investigating how our brain processes sensory information. And this BK effect next, perhaps now provides us a unique window to look into how our brain combines all these sensory information and create a coherent picture of how we perceive the world around us.

«The rewards of a common phonestheme

Do you really believe we all over here through the blockchain actually communicate with each other using the same phonesthemes? Or through the same morphemes? Or even through the same phonemes for that matter? ¿Really?

Alright! let's check now another Sound Symbolisms.

«-The Gestual and Body language-»

Iconisms, Phenomimes and Psychomimes all over across these remunerated and rewarding Social Networks upon the blockchain. Or is all this just pure Ideasthesia?

Then, is your digital person a Looker, a Listener or a Toucher living entity? Which of the three are you when you are online? Are you within the 75%, the 20% or the 5% of the world population?

Can you honestly and sincerely tell me?

¿What happens when we see that someone is going to get hurt and we have the urge to close our eyes and shrug our shoulders, as if it happened to us?

The same happens when our heart races when we see two runners fight in the last meters to cross the finish line before the other. Or when someone wrinkles their nose because they perceived a bad smell. Our gestures imitate them. Almost as if we could feel it ourselves at that moment.

So, all this suggest that we are able to understand, immediately and instinctively, the thoughts, feelings and intentions of other people. No matter the distance.

“We are social creatures. Our survival depends on understanding the actions, intentions and emotions of others. Mirror neurons allows us understand others minds. Not just through its conceptual reasoning but through direct simulation. Feeling, NOT Thinking”

Ok, let's analize this closer.


This neural mechanism is involuntary and automatic. With it we don't have to think about what other people are doing or feeling, we simply know it.

It seems we're wired to see other people as similar to us, rather than different. At the root, as humans, we identify the person we're facing as someone like ourselves.

Nonetheless, in a gamified economic community and social ecosystem where monetary rewards play a fundamental role of our PoB actions and behavior. Just tell me: ¿With what kind of humans do you identify? As a PoB, PoW, PoS, DPoS person?

According to my observations during these last five years. As for rewards, satisfactions, prizes and punishments in the social networks of the blockchain. (readership, reblogs, upvotes & downvotes). I have been corroborating a constant 'human' tendency very similar to that of the social networks in the real world.

The mass tends to follow blindly and without question the behavior of the also blind mass of the greatest exponents of the PoS and DPoS individuals. Forgetting and dismissing altogether the true values and principles of the PoB economy.

I dunno about you. But the ROI I can offer to my hearer eyeball's hodlers. And my communication strategy and PoB weapons of choice are often basically just two. The logic and the sense of humor. Logic as my construction ammunition of mass awakening and the sense of humor as my machine gun.

PoB ammunition sometimes fired in short bursts and sometimes in somewhat longer and extense bursts. But always aimed directly at the brain as the main target.

Iconisms, Phenomimes and Psychomimes as gunpowder with what I recharge and fill up the Phonemes, Morphemes and Phonesthemes in my content as lethal bullets and missiles of awareness. Pictures, illustrations animations, videos and color words with hidden embedded links that you certainly will have to click to uncover the real magic that will force your neurons to truly squeak. That's PoB buddies, not merely an inert and unsatisfactory PoS & DPoS mindset.

I'm okay and I have no problem with sharing 50% of the material incomes and fruits of my PoB labor with my hearer eyeball's hodlers and PoS & DPoS people. In fact, for long time it is and has been always risible what they can really extract mining in my PoB quarry if "material wealth" is only what they really are looking for.

Oh! and then the songs. Last but not least the music with which I use to end most of my articles. Music and songs that are a fundamental part of my discourse. Final acoustic brain stimuli with which if you refuse to click & play it fully jointly with also clicking on all the embedded links hidden within everything that seems clickable in my content, if you refuse to click to uncover and consume the extra content where these links leads. I much doubt you will be ever capable to fully appreciate, take advantage and benefit of my PoB work.

«-Perceptual Expectations II-»

"Dear Mister Fantasy, play us a tune.
Something to make us all happy.
Do anything, take us out of this gloom.
Sing a song, play guitar.
Make it snappy!

You are the one who can make us all laugh.
But doing that you break out in tears.
Please don't be sad.
If it was a straight mind you had.
We wouldn't have known you all these years.

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


"Follows, Comments, Rehives & Upvotes will be highly appreciated"

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"Logic as my construction ammunition of mass awakening and the sense of humor as my machine gun."<<<<< very wise words and way to navigate the beautiful chaos that is this bizarre world of ours

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and way to navigate the beautiful chaos that is this bizarre world of ours

Thank you! :)

And yes, I believe both; my wise words and your statement above in the quote, they both should be included in the lyrics of "Dear Mister Fantasy" isn't it? };)