A key matter to understand about how a system of rewards works in a content creation ecosystem.

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Continuing with the previous subjects of my last two articles which are mainly related with the brain, the consciousness, the reality and social relationships filtered & processed through our very own and peculiar individual perception throughout this digital realms of the internet and the online world.

And in consonance with the slightly more experimental, adventurous, curious and combative spirit of the PoB community. With a new initiative apparently willing to break the usual paradigms as for how and where to find the true values of content creation in a social network which rewards said content monetarily to each one of their members according the intellectual quality of their contributions and participation in the ecosystem in a somewhat more fair and equitable way.

It is primarily towards the attention of all of them within this innovative community that this post is especially dedicated. In addition to all those fortunate souls that probably will also stumble with it. But above all, "Proof of Brain" as the pennant.

Alright, let's start!

Wait, have we been here before? Have we stood in this exact spot as I said these same words to you at some point in the past? Do you feel like you’ve read all this before? Well, you are right. I have already written many times before on this topic.

Sometimes, as we experience a new event or place, we suddenly get that creepy feeling that it's not the first time. We call that sensation déjà vu. But what is déjà vu and can science explain why it happens? Maybe it’s just a sign of your brain checking its memory. Looking for a new short term memory that was accidentally stored in your long term memory. Creating in the process a glitch in your brain.

However, Déjà Vu is not the main topic of today's article. I will leave that issue for a next post later. So, stay in tune nevertheless. Since that one may also be of your great interest. But today's topic is going to be more closely related to the title of this article. So that you can't accuse me of Click-Baiting later. };)

In a previous pretty dense and long post that I wrote five days ago and which hopefully will serve to give start to this PoB posts series. I've thrown an awful lot of strange terms with which you are probably not much familiar.

I assure you that this wasn't arbitrary or accidental. Neither to boost myself to the pinnacle of the intellectual content pyramid. And certainly, not even to try to be seen or sound like a freaken hipster of content creation.

All those weird terms were absolutely necessary to expose you in advance with for what soon was going to come. Like today's article, for example. Where we are gonna talk of "The Dialogic Thinking Model" and which will be replete of Phonemes, Morphemes, Phonesthemes, Iconisms, Phenomimes, Psychomimes, Practopoiesis and Ideasthesia. Between more mundane terms like: PoB, PoW, PoS & DPoS. Tsk Tsk.

«-Soliloquies - Inner Speech - Internal Monologues-»

What were you thinking when reading the title of this post about a few minutes ago? Or how were you thinking about it? Did you give yourself the necessary time to interpret it and digest it before clicking on it? How was the process?

Maybe you were internally speaking the words you were reading? Seeing a related image in your mind’s eye? Or having an emotional response? It’s also possible you had a combination of these thoughts, and others, going on in your head at once? Or that you were thinking of something else, in some other way, entirely? Right?

¿Are you by chance an Aphant, Aphantasiac or Aphantastic person?

Perhaps you are one with a rich "Inner Speech" and "Internal Monologues" when you read and write something? Or maybe not!

But take into account that even when you could a priori think that almost everyone has Inner Speechs when they read and write something. Nothing could be further from the truth. Yeah! most of us have an inner voice, but if you're part of the minority who doesn't, this is more or less what you can expect as a content creator.

So, why don't some people have inner speech? Studies show that producing inner speech requires a network of brain activity spanning from the frontal lobe to auditory cortex, which is located near your ears.

These networks are the same as those used when we speak aloud. Which also requires motor cortex, because we need to move our tongue, lips, etc. And one theory proposes that people who do not produce inner speech are unable to activate those networks without also activating their motor cortex. Have I said networks?

However, I am somewhat more inclined to look for the cause in another different theory. And according to this theory, I believe everyone produces inner speech in some grade, or level, but some people are conscious of it whereas others are not.

Or maybe we're thinking about this the wrong way. Maybe it is possible that the absence of inner speech is the brain's default setting (do human infants, or animals, have inner speech?), and there might be something unusual about people who do have it? ¿Are you one of them? Please tell us!

What finally leads me to raise the matter of "How a system of rewards works in a content creation ecosystem" And now that you already know or at least you should be aware that there is so much people out there that neither is nor thinks like you.

On behalf of PoB content. We are going to launch a last theory that regardless of the many other multiple factors that also can intervene in a Social Network and Economic Ecosystem of global scope. Where the rewards and the appreciation of the generated content manifests mainly and materially through money and the gamificated interaction between humans with these so peculiar brain traits.

Jointly with all these mysterious words & concepts like the Déjà Vu, the Aphantasia, Inner Speech, Phonemes, Morphemes, Phonesthemes, Iconisms, Phenomimes, Psychomimes, Practopoiesis, Ideasthesia and all that mental malarkey of which I've already been talking to you and describing before. Let's launch the last concept:

«-Inattentional Blindness-»

For PoW, PoS & DPoS people.

Leave a comment. Share your experiences and feedback. ¡Be part of the conversation!


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It's surprising what we take for granted and don't even question. I didn't know about Aphantasia before reading this and just assumed what I experienced when I closed my eyes was the same as everyone else. I don't see anything visual as such, but I do get the sense that 'things' are there. No projections of imagery or vivid imagery, just the knowledge that what I'm thinking of looks that way.

Interesting read/experience @por500bolos. I managed to watch all the embeds this time round and came away with quite the learning lesson. Also, the guy in the last video is a hoot, really enjoyed his presentation.

Posted via proofofbrain.io

Great post! I am so like the dude in the Q&A vid. I'm a talk to myself. Mixed feelings about that because often I just keep the things in my head cause I have the feeling all is said now lol.