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RE: FRAUD: CDC showing again they are a political/propaganda arm and not practicing science...

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If you are in a state that tests 30 cycles and there is another state that tests 35 cycles you a pretty much guaranteed the results are going to be a lot higher in the state that tests for 35. Likewise, if there seems to be a lull and things seem to be improving when testing at 35 cycles if you then bump it to 36 or 37 cycles it will suddenly look like a surge.

3 people in my family got a positive result, but not 1 of them, even after me asking, would inform me of the cycles used in the practise here in Alberta, Canada. Its infuriating that so little care is put into research, but so much trust is put into beaurocratic politicians who get paid to work from home.

Not to mention that vaccine companies are not responsible for death caused in the human trial and error going on, what a systemic joke.

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Yep. I am often called an anti-vaxxer.

That is not the case.

I am an anti-liability denier... If you told me I should eat some manufactured food product and told me the manufacturer had no liability for damage due to a problem with the product I'd probably not eat the food.

If you have to label me a heretic, or call me selfish then that too is not a good reason. Both are appealing to emotion either shame, or guilt.

OH no, I don't want to be considered selfish...

Oh no, I don't want to be called an anti-vaxxer... they cancel people like that. I don't want to be cancelled.

I know some vaccines work. I also weigh the risk. If I was traveling somewhere with a known disease with a working vaccine and the disease is more likely to threaten my life and future than the potential adverse side effects to the vaccine then I'd likely take the vaccine.

However, if the manufacturer had no liability... I'd be less likely to. It'd seriously depend upon how dangerous I thought not taking the vaccine would be.

In the meantime, if they had discovered a common over the counter drug combination if taken early enough completely could solve the problem I'd not be interested in the vaccine at all.

Take the Roto virus...

It killed like 1% of new born infants but only in countries with poor access to hospitals. If you can get to a hospital it is 100% treatable. The vaccine on the other hand ends up that 13% of infants get a bowl blockage that kills them.

If the vaccine is more likely to kill you than the illness no thanks. Again without any liability to the manufacturer.

I’m in Ontario Canada. Everyone in my family has taken the vaccine. Either Pfizer or Moderna, I had mine last week. (pfizer) So far no issues. I seem to have more energy. I’m not sure if that is a known side effect. Anyway. I will let you know if I develop any problems with this vaccine.

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I have coworkers that took the Pfizer. My mother took that one as well.

It is not yet FDA approved and they have no information on long term effects. There are reports of people getting ill near people that have taken those vaccines that are not vaccinated. It is suspected to be related to the spike proteins that the mRNA gene therapy starts making your body produce.

At the moment people that went through menopause fairly recently have had periods. Women have had multiple periods in a time they normally have one. Blood clots, etc.

It is all really new but the common thread seems to be that it is occurring to non-vaccinated people who are around people that took these vaccines.

It is still really new, but do know that you basically volunteered for an experiment. The Pfizer and Moderna are not vaccines in the traditional sense. They are actually gene therapy.

I do hope it works out well for you and everyone (vaccinated, and non-vaccinated).

I do know that in some places 60% of the new COVID patients in hospitals have been vaccinated but that also includes the Johnson & Johnson and Astrazeneca.

I am not afraid of COVID and people really shouldn't be. The mortality rate is now actually quite low even in the at risk population. We have gotten better at treating it than we were when it was first on the scene.

I also think if these things work that those vaccinated shouldn't be still being asked to socially distance, wear masks, etc unless of course it is in fact an experiment and they don't know what it is going to do.

This is of course my opinion.

I know vaccines CAN work. Yet that doesn't mean I should blindly trust pharmaceutical companies that have been given liability protection.

Do they have that protection in Canada as well?

Yes. I know I am part of an experiment. I am very exited about gene therapy. I hope we can solve all illness with similar “vaccines” and maybe eliminate all disease. Especially Cancer since I have lost so much of my family to Cancer.

Gene therapy could be great. Yet I stand by my main hang up. Tell me any other industry that has liability protection for their products. If you can find one you can then show me a study on how that impacts their considerations about safety.

If you are okay with injecting things without knowing the long term (in this case even the short term) consequences that is totally your choice.

I think you should be able to put anything you want into your body as long as it is voluntary and the consequences for that choice fall on you.

I apply this to myself as well. I am paranoid enough about what I choose to put into my body that the liability protection is a no sell. I also want some long term data.

I also see red flags when some data cannot be gotten and seems to be intentionally kept under wraps.

Basically what I am saying is "My Body My Choice" applies to all of us.

And if people try to call me selfish for not taking a vaccine I say "I sure am, and people have an abortion are selfish too" :)

EDIT: TO be clear my one stint in the hospital ended up being nearly 23 days and I almost died twice. I was supposed to be there only 2 days. I am certain I could have sued for malpractice. I didn't. I am not litigious.

Yet I had the choice. With vaccines I don't have that choice. I couldn't sue for damages if I wanted to. They took the choice and right away.

I have no idea what I am putting into my body every day.... all the chemical and toxins on our food, our meat. Hell the Canadian government allows over 97 toxic chemicals to be used on the “legal” cannabis they grow.... including myclobutanil that is a known killer.

Oh I am certain you know many of the things you put into your body. You like most of us likely eat some things you know you shouldn't. Yet it is a CHOICE. :)

As long as it a choice and not a mandate I am fine with it. You should be able to do voluntarily whatever you want with your own body as far as I am concerned. The laws do not agree with me on that point... sadly I can't fix that myself.

Do you know how many chemicals are used on your lettuce, tomato’s, bread, beef, chicken, .... everything ...

I know some of them but it varies. However, if I could prove I was damaged by any of those things sold to me I could sue them for damages.

I can't do that for vaccine manufacturers. As far as I know they are the only industry that has such protections.

There have been cases where they have reverted to older vaccines (MMR) that were not as safe because they were less expensive to make and they had no liability. I have a big problem with that.

I do know quite a few ingredients that go into some vaccines. Some of them I would never knowingly put into my body.

For me if they give me the warning of possible side effects and I choose to take that risk that is my choice.

IF on the other hand I am forced to take it, and I cannot sue people when I am damaged by it that is a problem.

You would never eat again if you knew what was in the fungicides, pesticides, algaecides on all your food. Do you know what this stuff does to your DNA ?

You would never eat again if you knew what was in the fungicides, pesticides, algaecides on all your food. Do you know what this stuff does to your DNA ?

I am very familiar with that. I am especially familiar with round up, and round up resistant seeds.

I am aware of all these people with intolerances to things like Gluten that didn't seem to be that big of a problem several decades ago. Yet these same people have occasionally reported traveling to a remote place in Europe and eating bread and things with gluten without having problems.

That's actually a pretty good example of us playing with genetics without knowing about long term consequences. Yet Monsanto(now owned by Bayer) in the case of Round Up and such is aware and HAS BEEN successfully sued over damages. It doesn't have liability protection.

Also... I have to eat. I don't have to take a vaccine.

But... yes let us know how you do. Also if you know any people around you that are not vaccinated keep your eyes open for side effects to them. It is all a big experiment and unknown at the moment.

My mother does not live close to me so I can't test that. The coworkers I referred to live in other states and we're a 100% remote company anyway and have been since long before this (going on 8+ years for me).

So I can't really put that to the test.

Yes... my wife and I both have taken the Pfizer vaccine but our kids have not. So we will see if there are any side effects ... I can put that to the test. I have taken every flu vaccine every year since around 2,000... I have not had a flu or cold since then. I do have seasonal allergies from pollen ... it would be great if there was a gene therapy for that.

Excellent. I am really curious about the side effects as I can't test those with my parents and friends.

Ironically I am the opposite of you. The two worst flu cases I've ever had were within a day of taking the flu shot.

I have allergies which are off an on myself. I cough every morning like a smoker though I have never smoked and then I am good for the rest of the day. Just hacking up stuff from allergies.

As to vaccines: I trained to be an EMT and got to the portion where I didn't remember which vaccines were current. I took ALL of them at the same time then.

I did get a fever and felt a little off for a couple of days but I didn't get hammered nearly as hard as having the flu.

That was quite some time ago. I don't know if liability protection existed then or not. I was unaware of it if it did. They also hadn't yet started pushing vaccines for everything and the kitchen sink. I think when I took them I got about 6 at once.

EDIT: Oh and I don't get the flu either. :) If I do it's symptoms are so mild I don't know I got the flu.

Its infuriating that so little care is put into research, but so much trust is put into beaurocratic politicians who get paid to work from home.

It's just sad that is the current situation we find ourselves in this insane society....@phusionphil

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Wasn't it Elon Musk who months ago was talking about receiving 2 negative tests, and 1 positive test result when he was tested on the same day?

lol my family friend is in Mexico and has tested positive 3 times, he isn't allowed to come home.

"Please remain calm and wait for your government's assistance."

Then "Please stand by"

"We are in this together"

Because everyone has the virus?

LOL I work from home and live near a small town, this has been such a joke to me since the start.

I work from home as well. I don't live in a small town, but I've worked from home for over 8 years. It has only been an inconvenience if I go to the store, or the rare cases I need to go to the data center.


What is even more annoying is that the government of many countries are playing politics with the covid19....

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Yet... if I wanted an abortion the same people would quickly state "My Body My Choice" and support me.

Even more so in the insane world today since I am a man...

That would imply I was identifying as a woman and thought I could have an abortion. They love that stuff. :)

I identify as a White Mexican Nationalist from Flint, Michigan.

I have said before that I should identify as a Lesbian Albino Black Woman. I'd be set with all of those additional labels. Yet my life wouldn't change much. HAHA.

Maybe I want to be a victim, are you just going to let me suffer? LOL

Your body, your choice. Your mind, your choice. Yet if you just blindly go along with an agenda are you actually making your own choices? That I is ultimately for you to decide.

And yes I know you were joking... :)

So consider that me answering your joking question seriously while being very aware you are being funny. :)

Yeah I hate it when others tell me how to live my life and the government is one of the #1 offenders in that dimension of my life.

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And the annoying thing is that the government always feel they are right all the time....@phusionphil

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Thats why we need to decentralize consensus models.