On Copyright and Paying Artists

So after watching a video a friend shared on social media, I got to thinking about how if you use a non-creative-commons song in a video on YouTube or something, their algorithm is likely to recognize it (and sometimes incorrectly recognize things) and demonetize or pull down your video for copyright infringement, and I had an idea:

Why isn't there a system where a regular user can use their favorite song, or a song that is the current TikTok dance, or a clip that is just so appropriate for their funny cat video, or whatever it is, and it counts as a stream of that song for the artist and they get paid?

Artists get paid (paltry amounts) by streaming services like Spotify or even YouTube per play, right. Why isn't it set up that when Chad mcTikTokDancer does his dance video, every watch counts as a stream for that song?

Pagan music.jpg

This is better for regular people who just want to do a dance or put dramatic music to their cat's epic pounce, and better for artists who get paid more and also might get new fans who didn't know their songs before but found it on a random video (I've found bands that way and bought their songs/albums!). YouTube has the algorithm already that recognizes music. They just probably don't want to do it because it would mean sharing more profits (even tho they pay the worst out of all the streaming options and they want to keep all of the fractions of pennies to themselves).

I mean, copyright laws have shifted to accommodate streaming services; why couldn't they shift to accommodate this? Is there something I'm missing about why this wouldn't work?

Just a Sunday afternoon thought about how artists should get paid and the technology is there to make a fairer world where everyone could have abundance, but the privileged few with mass amounts of capital (either physical resources or legal claims or a near-monopolistic platform) cling so tightly to their greed while people go homeless and hungry and talented musicians are driving for Uber instead of making music because they can't pay their rent that way...

Be good, fam. :)

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