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RE: Chronicle of young swallows 2021

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I was going to upvote this. But then I see those blurry photos.
Why on earth do you believe you must publish every single photo made, including those which came out as a complete garbage?

If selected 30% of those most clear and sharp pics, this post would look 900% better

A post of 50 (!) photos of the same subj, and 70% of them a complete junk.
Never have seen anything more stupid.

Sorry for being so straight and open with you.

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I fully understand what you are talking about , but to me it was rare and the most complicated to make and I decided to put those photos because they were mine , these birds Swallows are extremely rare to see, let alone photograph, and the fact that some are blurred has parts that create the beauty of these animals.
So that’s the main reason why I put so many and not just 9 maybe 7 photos.
ps. I am glad for your honest opinion.