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RE: Comparing Death Rates of COVID19 to Influenza & Harm Caused By The Vaccines For Each

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13,967/410,200,000 = 0.00003406585365

As a percentage that's 0.0034%. the number you quoted was 100 times larger. There is a huge difference.

The other calculation is 0.0000003219919176 which is 0.000032%

Covid vaccine is safe, and safer than getting covid. Flu vaccine is safer than the covid vaccines for sure but that doesn't mean people shouldn't get the covid vaccine. It is a personal choice

I have an issue with forcing vaccination to be able to do stuff. Vaccination of any kind should be totally voluntary


Ah yes, the precision of the percentages was off in both cases by two decimal places - I have no idea how I managed that - I have corrected it, thanks. However, since both of the calculations were off by the same amount, the conclusion of comparing the two figures remains exactly the same.

The measurement of how safe the COVID19 shots are is mostly based on data from databases like VAERS. As stated in the linked article and substantiated by numerous experts, these database are estimated to be under-reported by a factor of between 40 and 100 times. This means that whatever figures you have likely seen for their safety, you need to multiply the associated deaths and injuries by these numbers. At this scale I definitely would not call them safe.

Calling anything SAFE that is still experimental is foolish. The politicians and pharmaceutical companies producing the products are telling you the products are safe BEFORE they have had a chance to actually prove and conclude that. Furthermore they are actively going out of their way to stop anyone or anything that says otherwise.