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RE: Bath Tub of Invention

in Proof of Brain3 months ago

My most creative thoughts hits me when i am taking a shat! No dopamine, just oozing smell of my dump knocking some sense into me.

I just take a shower one of these days. It could help...i guess

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I guess you are just saying it like it is. I laughed reading your comment and then I realized it might not be that easy to take a shower if environmental issues continue to heat up in the near future. Then again it might not be that easy to shit either.

I could have went either way but the heat was unbearable today. I had to go showerside. There is just not enough written evidence of people who came up with great ideas on the shitter.

Now as I write this comment I realize my mistake...

At first I thought it was because I spelled @calumam with two "l"s but then I realized the whole thing could be scraped. I should have just spend 1000 words talking about taking a shit. (No joke)

It was a close call. Shit would have been an original winner.

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