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RE: Decentralising Health & Food! Why Real Christmas Spirit Means Treating Food As Medicine & Farmers Like Doctors... Stick With Me Here :)

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Have you ever worked in agriculture? They make massive implements specially designed to spread rockdust, lime, potash, ash, strategic combinations. There are implements that pulverize rocks that already exist on the land turning them into dust that goes right back into the soil in one pass. And if you don't do something about these rocks they stand a chance of destroying your million dollar combine harvesters and planters.

Ever heard of something like sweet clover nitrogen fixation or cover crops in general? What about minimum tillage practices? The basics of crop rotation?

Ever seen a manure spreader before? Pretty common practice to spread good ole organic shit on the fields...

Do you really think a farmer would spend millions purchasing land just to destroy it or have it turn to dust and blow away?

"The farmers are clueless" LOL!