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RE: NFTs - Future of Creativity Or Flash In The Pan Novelty?

I've yet to mint one. Coming closer. Something many on the outside (and even quite a few amateurs on the inside) of the 'art world' don't understand is the part about brand power. People don't follow art, they follow artists.

Random works of art strewn about all over the internet with no connection to the actual artist has very little value. Interested buyers aren't frequenting the fly-by-night NFT platforms springing up everywhere. Those are designed to make money for the developer of the site, not the artists or contributors. They sometimes form small communities and support one another but that's like saying only actors watch movies and only athletes attend sporting events. Products simply sit on the shelf and some new to 'the game' don't understand why, so they move on to the next one.

You'll see a lot of 'quantity over quality' approaches. Some buyers don't even know if they're buying a photo that was processed by AI, which I see a lot of these days (some of those programs specifically state they're not meant for commercial use), or if they're buying an actual creation made from scratch. Direct roads between the work and the artist are necessary. So I really like having my own platform, here, as well as a place to set up shop, locally. I guess the small market is one main contributing factor holding me back.

Also I don't like how the pricing and selling utilizes a token that fluctuates in value. I've watched over the past few months so many artists learn the hard way. They're often not fully in control of their profit margin, which can be disastrous in business, and several are 'new' to crypto, unaware of all the finer details.


Yes, I agree - good points. When you say that you like having your own platform are you referring to Hive and NFTShowroom? I notice they are using Hive instead of HBDs, maybe they should switch to HBD now that it is more stable!

Yes. How it's all connected and the consumer base/market is shared between several platforms; to me that's what gives Hive the advantage. For instance, I've stumbled across several art posts now that offer a link to an outside NFT. Instant lost sale, since I don't own or have immediate knowledge on how to acquire the tokens needed to purchase. By the time I go through those hoops, what I want could be gone. Someone advertising on Twitter suffers the same fate. Only a small percentage become actual interested buyers, the rest are only browsing the merchandise, much like a consumer flipping through a magazine but not buying it.

As an artist/writer/entertainer/whatever I am or want to be, my community forms around my content. A content creator is a business person. The content is the entertainment; what attracts the eyes. The NFT is the merch. I'm hoping at some point people will be able to click the image directly in my post and be offered options to purchase with a few clicks. That would be ideal. Basically NFT Showroom, embedded into a post. I've mentioned that concept and the use of a stable-ish coin (as some so cleverly call HBD) to aggroed since he seems to be at the helm, but I don't get a response. So I might hold off a little longer until something more suitable comes along. There's no rush and these things evolve fast.

I see ok. Well, for now you could create animated or image adverts for your NFTs and then add them to a post template in your hive app (peakd does this) which allows you to link them to your nft pages. That way you'd automatically have Ads for your NFTs in all of your new posts - similar to how I have done at the bottom of my posts.

Yeah, and I could do that with the image itself, but then it takes the consumer away and I lose out on potential engagement. And to be honest, I scroll past these things at the end. Some of us actually joke about how some have longer signatures than posts. Just sayin' man!

I thought you were asking for that feature from NFTShowroom, so I guess I misunderstood what you were asking for.

The ability to purchase directly from the post, and continue browsing, voting, leaving a comment about how you made the purchase, for instance. Then within seconds I'm already speaking with the buyer. At that point you're about as close to being at a convention or gallery as you can get, online.

Oh ok, I see. I agree that that would be useful. In the meantime, html images that open a new tab are not really so far away from that.

I'm aware. In the early days I used to upload images to supload and any click would generate satoshis. Nobody clicked.