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RE: The Simulation Hypothesis, Religion, Deism, and Time... (Part 4) - Time

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Awesome post! This is no longer a hypothesis to me, I've corroborated it through detailed study over the past few years: material, dual reality is indeed illusory. At first I didn't want to accept that, it caused me great anxiety as it does everyone else, but now it's a source of joy for me. Due to various interconnected reasons, we tend to identify with our ego selves, and our egos protect themselves from these crucial questions with tooth and claw. It requires quite a bit of strength and discipline to detach from that aspect of our identity, but the reward is enormous freedom. Thanks for this post and the series it's a part of!

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You're welcome. I will likely always consider it a hypothesis. The actual requirements for something to become a theory if we follow the scientific method likely cannot be done here.

I don't have a problem with that. I just consider it a very plausible hypothesis at this point. :)