Hours of Electricity Failure in Oman

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Some crazy thing happened today, the whole of Oman had a power failure except for some very few regions. The reasons are unknown and not yet disclosed to the public, but I am sure it must be something major to an extent to disrupt the electricity power of the whole Oman Country. Wifi connections are off. Most of the offices left early as employees had nothing to do due to power shortage. Traffic lights are not working and there is chaos on the roads and most of the people left from offices are heading back home. There is a heavy traffic jam.

I was in my office when this happened, I could finish off some work on my laptop while the battery was still on, but I had no wifi connection and I have no mobile data so no email or internet access. Mobile data is super expensive in Oman, it’s not advisable to use it for more data consumption and hence advisable to let it remain off rather than paying up a huge amount to access the net. And those who had mobile data access also were facing issues because of major load.


Oman is still not technologically very advanced. The system of generators is not widely used. Such problem has never happened in the country so far. We never experience power outage or power fluctuations so not many think of generator measures, and hence a majority part of life kind of came to a halt. Our factory also does not have a generator to deal with these kind of issues, as I mentioned first time ever such a thing has happened. The whole of our office and factory came to a halt, losing out on productivity. I am in office since my driver has been out for some work and he is stuck up in a traffic jam, I am not sure by when he will be able to reach to pick me up. The electricity power is up now but the chaos on the road still continues. They announced power outage for around 6 hrs and then 4, but it was up and running in 3 hrs. So whatever the damage was has been worked upon quickly.
This only proves that electricity is such an integral part of our life. A few hours of it going off and life is disrupted heavily, so much chaos has occurred.

Imagine if we are only operating on Electric Vehicles and then if there are such power outages for a longer period of time then one will not even be able to mobilize. With the Climate change and Global warming agendas this could be the next lockdowns that we will be going through where out mobility will be restricted.

Electricity power going off for the whole Country is a very big issue, though no one knows the reason, but anticipating that it is something serious. As of now the power is back and life has resumed back, work has started in factories and offices, and hoping that there is no more disruption again.

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How about solar panels for energy, is that a possibility to consider there?

That would be ideal for Middle East region, because the temperature would support it so well, but the thing is that we get electricity at a very affordable rate here so people will not look into other cost involving alternatives, unless this becomes some regular problem. In my 7 years of being in this Country, there has never been a power failure unless some maintenance work is going on internally for our building and they would switch it off. So you see no one would even think of it at this point of time

I understand, it would be a great alternative though

I wish I could relate. I wish we all down here could relate. I'd say it's no news that in Africa, constant power supply is not one of the amenities we enjoy. But in recent times, I've found that some people are actually cut off from the rest of the world or just do not care about any other space outside of their own. Anyway, I've established that I can't relate to your angle of the troubles you're currently facing in Oman. Our perspective? LOL. Most, as in 99% of households, factories, companies, you name it, own generators (if they can afford it). There's no such thing as constant power supply (at least not in Nigeria where I live). Actually most of us get suspicious when there's electricity for like a week or less straight without any interruptions. Oh well, I hope your government rectifies the situation soon. P.S Nice picture choice.

Thank you for sharing the scenario of your Country. True, what we have is really a privilege. People got so restless within the first 10 minutes itself, because it is not a usual circumstances for us. People have the luxury of enjoying these amenities without any interruptions and at a very affordable cost as well.

It's enviable really. Has the situation been rectified?

I hope the power comes back on soon, so everyone can return to their activities.

It did come back soon in some parts but some had to struggle till midnight