Is This A Hot Boy?

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Yesterday afternoon, I went to visit a friend, his house opened a convenience store. There was a small tea table next to the cashier, and my friend brought out lots of snacks to set the table, dried fruit, sweets, biscuits and a plate of fresh strawberries. The two of us drank tea and chatted without delaying his business.

Customers intermittently, after four o'clock, the imposing protagonist enters.

Male, in his thirties, thin, 1.7 meters tall according to visual observations. With three children, two girls and one boy, they were all very lively and funny, chatting and laughing.

His friend stood up and greeted: "Oh! ? How old are they? School hasn't started yet?"

The man said that school will start tomorrow, and pointed to the shortest girl and said, "This youngest is 6 years old," and then pointed to the tallest girl and said, "This is the boss, 10 years old."

I looked around and found that the children in his family were shorter than children of the same age. The 6 year old looks 5 years old at most, and the son, ranked between the two sisters, should be 8 years old, but seems to be 6 years old. , 7 year old appearance.

The man seemed to see that I was guessing, and he said, "My children are short, they are not tall, and the classmates in the same class are taller than them." My friend immediately said, "Don't worry, some kids grow up early, some kids grow late. Can grow taller."

The man bought a $4 bottle of drink, and complained to the kids, "I haven't started working to make money yet, so you guys start spending money."

Speaking of opening the lid, he took a few sips and handed them over to the eldest daughter. At this time, another customer came in, met the man, greeted each other, and then chatted in the shop.

This is the point... The boy, walked directly on the tea table, put his hand in the pastry bag, and took the cake to eat...

I was stunned for a moment. A seven or eight year old doesn't look stupid. Why don't you ask other people's stuff? And, are your hands dirty? Don't you need to wash your hands while eating?

His father glanced this way, and I'm sure he saw it, and he, actually, didn't! own! go out! Voice!

My friend saw it too. He immediately came over, took his bag and took out some biscuits and put them in the boy's hands, saying, "Come on, share something with brother and sister."

The boy glanced at it and didn't take it. His friend gave it to the two girls. They took it, and they didn't even say "thank you". Their father, standing on the side, watched the whole process, indifferent.

After the boy finished eating, he came again. This time he took the candy, peeled it and ate it. His friend took a handful of candy and gave it to the two girls. As usual, none of the children said thank you.

At this time, the next guest bought a pack of cigarettes and left after speaking. This man, a father of three, did not take his children away, but stood in the shop watching TV.

A variety show was being shown on TV, and a handsome boy of about five or six years old was singing the full Opera. The man said: “Look at them, how smart! Are you guys smart too, I'll buy what you eat." The three children were silent while eating.

The boy came again and took the chocolate and nuts, as naturally as in his own house, and the man said nothing when he saw him.

I'm already very angry. It's not about how much food kids eat. Children love snacks and sweets the most. There is no shortage of anyone during the New Year. Nobody feeds them, but...

I think of two words: "education". These kids don't even understand the most basic of manners? My three year old daughter, whether you serve her food or read her a story, she will always say "thank you mom".

But don't talk to him about parenting when you see this man's laissez-faire attitude toward his children's behavior.

However, even if the parents don't care, the children are all in school, and a ten-year-old must be in the third or fourth grade. Even in kindergarten, teachers would teach children to say "thank you".

I'm really depressed, I really want to teach them to say thank you, but in front of their parents, let's just think about it.

My friend is always silent. Unfortunately, those in business are leaner, because the customer is God, so they shouldn't be easily offended.

The youngest girl, after eating the chocolate her friend gave her, also walked over and ate the strawberries straight from the fruit plate! One, one, another! My friend saw less and less strawberries and said to me "You eat too".

I, I, I am so speechless, I will suffer internal injuries.

The boy may be bored with the snacks on the table and started looking for targets on the shelves, when he was about to pick up a jar of potato chips, and his father was still in a state of nothing to do with him, the friend finally couldn't stand it, and whispered. The tone firmly said: "This, you can't take it!"

The boy withdrew his hand and stood by his father's side. His father took his hand and said, "Come on, let's go."

Then suddenly he remembered something, and asked his son: "Have you thanked him? Have you eaten the food, have you said thank you?"

None of the three children said anything. They just left. I assumed he bought a bottle of drink. Friends may not make a dollar, and the food their children eat is no less than $20. Money was literally nothing, and their families were short. Those things, decency, nurturing, are too precious.

"Did you thank him?" I think it's better not to say that. Usually, you shouldn't say "Thanks to auntie," not even "Thanks to boss."

Unfortunately, I was very worried about her three children.



Good story, you would need a little bit more pictures from pixabay or other free pictures stock, to get more votes, but beyong that, the tags are good and is a great post, but i feel is lacking on the side of good image placing :)

Thank you friends for the advice, maybe in the next post I will give a lot of pictures.

change ocd for Vyb or verifyyourbrain Ocd does not curate with that thag, neither curanger or any other curation initiative. But vyb does, for a text of 1k 5 to 6 images are great, including outro banner.

Believe me i know what im saying and from where i am, just look at the rewards of my posts :) i said it so you could get a more fair ammount of votes and support, i liked your post and is plagarism free, so i very much loved it :)

Education and manners always starts at home. Bless these children hope someone teach them good manners and right conduct.

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