Scientific and Religious Perspectives To Dreaming

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Benny, a gentle soul who will always attend to matters softly and calmly. As he sat on the couch watching Zambia vs China female football match, dozed off. He had slept for two hours. This should be a trance or a dream. He was sweating profusely and tossing left right on the couch as he struggles with something from the world beyond.

He appeared in the dark, walking in confusion. There isn't any path nor road-walk where he would place the next step. His hands spread out, trying to find a balance like he was walking in a twine. Suddenly, a huge image appeared white a splashing robe, with eyes glowing like the rupturing of thunder. Benny was gripped with the fear of being buried in the step of the huge image. -That's what had necessitated the tossing around on the couch. As he struggled from his dream, a sound space and jumped up. It was all a dream he said.

Science and Dreams
I know that science has a definition to everything a man passes through. For dream it is called Oneirology. I wonder what that is. Dreams have come under several scrutiny. Some put religious under tone to dreams.
Scientifically, dreams emanate when you have fallen to sleep. It occurs during the period of Rapid-Eye Movement (REM) - a period during sleep when the mind can capture vision.
Children dream the most during sleeping periods. They spend more than half of their sleeping time dreaming. But adult sleep more than dreaming. Only about one-eighth (⅛) could turn into a dreaming session.
This could be a dynamics in the fulfilment of the Bible.

Young men shall dream dreams and old men shall see visions.

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Religion and Dream
Every dream you have is particularly given an interpretation in religion. Same thing goes for culture and traditions.
Dreams are said to be communication given to you by the spirits. When dreams comes, it's either you are being sent to other people or you are getting classified information about yourself.
When an individuals dreams about swimming, eating, crying, fighting, etc in the dream different religions gives interpretations that matches such dreams. Some people value those interpretation as a caution to direct their paths in life race.
It is also believed that anyone who does not dream must has lost touch with divinity, which could be classified as spiritually dead.

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From the two foregoing principles, which one would one incline? Religion has come to be a part of the existence of man and science has held it's sway in providing solutions to many problems of living on this planet, earth.

Where would you settle? Science or religion?

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Dream is use as an instrument of God, God speaks to us through dreams and also reveal the secret of the devil through.

Dream help us to know what is happening in our life and the next step to take on situation.

Dream sometime can confuses you if you don't get the full details of the dream.

And the best thing is to interpret the dream, because if you miss interpret the dream, you will Miss God leading toward you.

Or your it will affect your life wrongly, that is while if we do not understand the dream we need to see our pastor or we pray for full understanding from God.

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This is spiritual intuition to the believe of dreams. I hold this belief too. Only that some of the interpretation given to dreams differ one from the other.

Yes course, you know the you look things from your perspective is different from other.

And to get the right answer to your dreams you can pray to God as have stated Early, and next dream will be clear to you.

Because God love to speak in parable, but when you ask for understanding he will give you.

But never expect direct, but it will be related to what Will happens or about to happen

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