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RE: It IS possible! ... by The Nutty Columnist

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Time is relative, right? So 2160000 seconds can seem like an eternity or just a blink, but definitely that jump is like a giant step for this token.

So, finding out this morning the fact you still have it and it made that crazy increase in price, you asked the columnist to write this article? Cool 👌

I am happy for your discovery 🙌 It must be a good feeling, like finding some money in a pocket of a jacket you haven't used for some years 😁


Hahahaha, thanks. The Nutty Columnist wanted something to write I suppose and it helped I had a topic for him to go about :) Always nice to find some money. But I think it's even nicer that my HODL tactics are paying off. Most of them are not, but some do! :) This morning had another discovery. An airdrop on my XRP (Ripple tokens). Read about this late last year. Forgot about it. Got a reminder by a Tweet I saw this morning. And yes, I got the airdrop. Value will not pay for a door for the Ibiza finca, but at least for the door handle :)

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This morning had another discovery.

The nutty one will maybe write again. Does he charge you for writing the articles? :D

That is just the perfect way to have something and forget about it... not completely to forget and never use the potential of it, but the don't touch attitude pays off indeed for you.

Value will not pay for a door for the Ibiza finca, but at least for the door handle :)

Ok, but you can start with the small details first :) The door will come one day and the finca too 😇

The Nutty guy and I don't really have a financial relationship :)
The HODL tactics sometimes pays off indeed, but really need to learn to sell some and buy back at the next dips.

Yes, absolutely, sometimes the learning process involves mistakes too (hope with as less as possible of them) but that is the way of learning. In addition to research, experience, have a good intuition, have courage, patience, calm thoughts and fingers... Easy :D