Life Without Technology - You Don't Want To imagine It Or Maybe You Should

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Have you ever imagined a life without technology?

I'm sure you know what I mean by that question, like have you imagined

  • A life without data
  • A life without electricity
  • A life without phones, pc, television and even radios
  • And of course a life without Hive (blogging)

Before I get your answers at the comment section, my answer is a big NO, I can't live a life without technology so I can't imagine it. So I maybe the one asking such a question but I won't dare imagine such because I was born and brought up in the world of technology.

Even the thought of not being with my phone to write or call someone is scary to me, how can I survive such a life?

People in the past may have lived happily without all these present technology evolution but you can't compare back then to the present. Technology has taken over so many things concerning human life.

Some humans were blessed to use their brains to create great technologies, someone has to use them for it not to be a waste and that's what we are doing now. We appreciate their brain and hard work by using their different innovations. I'll say we're lucky to have great brains and more are being born, so I believe.

Recently while I was going through the #community tag, I read a post written by @theindiantrader titled Blaming Technology For Our Failures and I came up with this article just to point out some key words he said that are worth reading by all.

His first question

Can you imagine life without electronic devices?

Got a big NO from me, I don't know about you. Or maybe we could imagine such life and see that we don't want to live such a life.
But then he said something that is so true and is worth pondering on.

This technology thing has effected the humanity in negative as well as positive way but it is we who decides to be impacted in negative way.

We will all agree that there are negative effects of technology even while there are positive effects. But how we let these negative effects control us is what's scary to me. It's so obvious that we give most of our time to technology in one way or the other, what would the future be like if we let technology control us even more than we let it now? I don't want to imagine.

@theindiantrader said something about what some of us might be thinking now

So it is we who are destroying ourselves and not the technology, we don't have control on ourselves and we blame technology.

I remember blaming my dad for buying a phone for my brother because he didn't have time for studies anymore, that was me blaming technology forgetting that my brother was the one who allowed it to control him.

Sad as it may sound, we can't imagine a life without technology now but with the rate at which we're letting technology control us, can we imagine life with technology in the future? I'm hoping it won't be disastrous.

I'll wait for your contribution in the comment section, it will be very much appreciated and I'll make sure to reply every comment so write your view on this and let's learn from you.

This is my entry for the #dcc contest organized by @clixmoney with @starstrings01 You may click Here to read the guidelines and participate.

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I can't imagine life without technology as well. We are so attached to all this and the most scary thing is what if we will not have all this. We will not be able to live as we are living now. Or it will be so hard for us. Especially for those who work from home. Anyway, it's a good topic to talk about and to discuss. Thanks for participating in the contest and for choosing such interesting topic.

But the strange thing is that @theindiantrader didn't use the tag #community in that post. Strange you found his post in #community tag. I can't find the post there, or maybe he removed the tag. I don't know. Anyway your entry is accepted anyway. Becuase you understand the principle of #dcc and that's the most important here.

For now you are the second participants and I think you deserve the second place, but we still have 3 days to see if we have more participants or not. Plus I upvoted it from both @dcooperation and @clixmoney because I really like your entry. But please next time when you participate, be sure of finding the content related to the tag and creating a related content as well. You are talking about technology here, while to topic is community. You could as well relate the importance of technology to build a community for example. But never mind. You're in the right direction and I hope you will contribute to #dcc more ! I hope more people understand the concept and when we will have enough people ready to support this, I'll create a tribe.

But the strange thing is that @theindiantrader didn't use the tag #community in that post. Strange you found his post in #community tag

Seems I didn't get that part very well, I thought I could get the post from any community like the Proofofbrain. He didn't use the community tag, I made the mistake.

But I know better now, will take corrections in my subsequent articles for DCC, thanks for the pardon. I'm glad you like my entry.

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Yeah, for DCC you did it right. For DCC you can promote any content you want. Only for the contest I would like to see the related content to the tag.

But there is a good idea to find a content to write about and to promote. You just check the tag where you write about and share a content you like and that will be good to always participate in #dcc. You can do it everyday if you want.

Alright sir, I get it very clearly now. Thanks for the clarification, I'll sure do make more articles in #dcc

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I do remember

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Indeed I remember too and I don't want to live such a life, it would be so boring don't you think?

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate.

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Momma... Can I already join this contest?

I like the fact that it motivates people to not just write their idea but also to check out the ones that are already written and make theirs to flow In a relative pattern.

Well Done Dear...
Going to that same question you answered, I must say that I can't even imagine a life without technology because that would mean that I would have never met someone with a golden heart. -you know the someone😋

We can blame technology for our laziness but we should never make a mistake of forcing others to believe that technology is bad.

Just take my case for example, I would have probably been asking for money from my parents to buy sachet water if not for my earnings with technology.

Well Done Dear

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Hahaha come on, join in the contest. You will sure do well in it and I can't wait to read your first entry 😃

You sure do know how a life would be without technology and I agree with you very well.

Thanks 😊

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We have so gotten used to technology that we can't even imagine a life without it.
Ouch! I mean how would we do if they say no technology or devices for one month or even a year?😂😂
Madam talkative, how would you do😏😂🙄

Even two days without my phone will be a war for me, like what would I be doing if I'm not with my phone? 🤔 Absolute boredom I see 😂

Madam trouble maker, I'm just here you left me. Hope you're good.

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-Ahw without the technology..maybe I will imagine myself on the top of the tree..inhaling oxygen hehehehe..and have an empty can with string as my phone..then I will culture a lot of doves to deliver my letters...its pretty sure very hard ...we will be living backwards..hehe! Have a blessed night! ❤🌷


😂 😂 You're so funny, inhaling oxygen on top of a tree? That's the height of it. We can't live a life without technology.

Thanks for stopping by dear

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hehehe I live very rurally - so I've had to go without internet at time. When we first move here - months!!!! Strangely enough - we didn't like being disconnected BUT we were SO efficient with our time!

We spent SO much time together as a family - we sang - played music - played games - watched old dvds - cooked together - the house was always bright and cheery - hahahaha it was really lovely!

We loved getting our connection to the world back - but we also lost a lot of what we had gained.

The secret is... maintaining balance - no matter what

That's very hard to do, isn't it? hehehe

Hahaha I've never thought of that - what the family would be like when there is no technology distractions 😊 its sure going to be so much fun as you've shared.

Maintaining balance is just the key but I also think it's hard to do.

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I think I could do without technology if I didn't know about it in the first place. Otherwise, I would by all means get it back.

😂 😂 Exactly my point, I can't live without technology since I've experienced a life with it already.

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the honest truth is that a life without technology life will have been so horrible one. Starting from the clothing, if technology has not advance to the level of providing clothes we would have been covering our body with animal skin.

things that are being done easily will have been so difficult to do. technology has really helped us in so many ways.

sometimes i wonder if we will be talking about globalization. with technology someone is posting an article in India another person is reading the same article in Nigeria.

effect of technology in moving the world to an advance level can not be under emphasis. it has really help the world in a very big way.

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Wow I love your contribution @nikkybabe it's as if you're just speaking my mind

with technology someone is posting an article in India another person is reading the same article in Nigeria

One great advantage of technology that I'm do grateful for. We learn so many things online from people afar of, thanks to technology.

Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate it.

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Arguably,I don't expect that we should hope for a life without technology as fine as it may sound living without having access to that which is around us is like living Iike a dead person

Will really have to come ma
back and add some little juicy to what you have said and will actually comment once am through with my assii

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Hahaha I'll be waiting for your juicy to be comment then 😃

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