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RE: Does Our Happiness Really Depend On Our Genes? (pob-wotw)

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Hello.I like your writing, there is always something to learn if one has the desire and time to read.Happiness for me is a philosophical concept, it is specific to each individual in different periods of his life.Good job, I liked it very much.Good luck to you!


Hello) Thank you very much for your kind words) For me, it is very important..
Your blog shows that you are able to notice and appreciate the beauty of nature around us. I think it is an important part of your happiness)
I wish you aesthetic pleasure and creative success)

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That's right. For me, the little things in our daily lives that we don't notice make us feel good. I was happy to learn that there are users here who are good as knowledgeable and as people. They help people like me who don't know enough. You are also one of them.