Women Work-life Balance

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Why do women struggle to achieve work-life balance?

Is work-life balance consistent with reaching ones goal?


Recent discoveries shows that young women are now proclaiming that they don’t want to be leaders, let alone achieving a substantial goal in life.

Does that mean women don't want to be a leader or achieve a goal in life and remain in a subordinate positions throughout their careers?

What do you think?

Let your opinions roll in...

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well for me i will rather say women with this mindset need to go and learn from Liberia president and some other female leaders in the world who have taken the bull by the horn to become someone great.

leadership position should not be limited to one sex alone. Anyone can be a great person. as much a man has a goal to pursue woman too need to have their and crave for success.

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Many young women today do not want to take on responsibilities either out of fear or comfort. And they don't want to be leaders because that's what it means to assume precisely that: responsibility to oneself and to others, since that implies making decisions, managing people, looking for results. But sooner or later it is a role that they will have to assume because life in different circumstances requires us to take control and guide actions in others. Tell me: being a mother is not being a leader?

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Leadership is not limited to any sex but just know that the way man will handle things will be different from the way woman will do.
Two driver's can never drive a car in which woman like leadership which always be on their mind to take over every where but they forget that it won't be easy for them to be on that side because what's full their brain

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