My Introduction to Hives Community

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I am Adebowale Lateefah Omotolani, a graduate of Computer Science from Federal University of Technology Akure, class 14 to be precised.


I am intellectually and creatively endowed with excellent skills in people management, interpersonal relationship, articulate, analytically and a strong passion for solving day to day problems.


Character-wise, I am ready to learn, result oriented, disciplined, and willing to take corrections.


What more should I say...


I love to learn new things quickly as well as constant willingness to acquire more knowledge, yeah... I'm beautifully endowed, hardworking and love to be at peace with everyone around me.


I love traveling, High sense of creativity, resourceful with a good sense of humor(as in I can play for Africa😜 but not overdo)


I love singing, listening to music, I can be an introvert watching movies and be an extrovert when am around my friends.


I have heard a lot about hives and would love to know more...


I’m very pleased to join this great community and I'll ensure to contribute to this community as best as I can.

Hearty regards 😍to @abimbola753 who introduced me to Hives & proof of brain community. I see you too @adepounds my office Boo-boo🤗.

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welcome :)

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Welcome to the community,i am happy to see such a beauty and an intelligent lady...

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Hello @megatee! This is @indayclara from @ocd (Original Content Decentralized) team. We saw that you already posted your first post here in Hive! Congratulations and welcome!

If you want to discover different communities which you might be interested in, you can check this out: Communities Incubation Program.
If you are looking for tips and information as a Hive newbie, click here: Newbie guide
If you need guidelines to make a mark here on the platform, check the following:
Criteria for quality posts and Ins and Outs of OCD Curation
And lastly, if you have questions or concerns, you can hop into Discord server and we'll gladly answer your questions.

Welcome onboard, glad to have you here. Do well to explore the communities and find the ones that suit your interests. Cheers!

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Welcome to hive and the proof of brain community Lateefah. Glad to have you on board.

I believe you just discovered the best platform on the internet to learn and to earn. Nice of you to have heeded to the invite if your friend.

Feel at the home. Ask questions if you seem to be lost. Looking forward to reading more interesting contents from you.

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Thanks a bunch 🙂

Warm. Welcome new mate

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You are welcome to the best educative platform

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Thanks 😊

Welcome to the Hive blockchain.

Here's the leofinance guidelines to help you get familiar with the community.

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You are welcome on board.
Have a nice time in the community.

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Welcome megatee! If you love travel check out @travelfeed / :)

A warm welcome pretty ... you are at the right place.

Welcome to the best place to be at any moment in time

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Thanks 😊