Doing What Seems Difficult to Others! My Eureka Experience...

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The enthusiasm behind getting a solution makes the word "εὕρηκα!" which brought about the feeling. Past experience and knowledge found per individual makes the difference.

While growing up, my way of doing things differs from my siblings to the extent that the whole family knew I was different.


Fast forward to entering high school, my siblings choose being in commercial department believing that the department is not as difficult as being in science department.

So, When I was going to enter high school I remember my elder sister telling me not to join Science department else they will not be able to help me out with my assignments because they wouldn't know how to guide me through.

I joined Science department and the journey was beautiful coupled with having great minds as friends and course mates who made the department easy and interesting. We'd challenge each other with questions after giving ourselves topics to read on.

I love mathematics of them all and my nickname became Dy/Dx... Smiles😊, I had passion for Physics and pay full attention because my physics teacher was Handsome😉(lol), also loved to be in Biology classes because my Biology teacher mixes stories with his teaching.

Here comes The Topic on Electricity and Magnetism which led to my "Eureka!". experience...

I got to know that Electricity has two hazards the thermal hazard and the Shock hazard. Thermal hazard occurs when there is electrical overheating and shock hazard occurs when electric current passes through a person... Except if the person is an insulator.

The image below shows the schematic for a simple AC circuit with no safety features which is not how power is distributed in practice.

life wire.jpg

Modern household and industrial wiring requires the three-wire system, which is shown schematically in the image below. The three-wire system has several safety features.

  1. A circuit breaker (or fuse) to prevent thermal overload.
  2. A protective case around the appliance such as a toaster or refrigerator.
  3. The case prevents a person from touching exposed wires and coming into electrical contact with the circuit, helping prevent shocks.

Safe wire.jpg

You see the above three-wire system connects the neutral wire to the earth at the voltage source and user location, forcing it to be at zero volts and supplying an alternative return path for the current through the earth. The circuit breaker or fuse protects against thermal overload and is in series on the active (live/hot) wire.

The wire insulation colors vary with region, but in my region Brown is used for live (or line), Blue is used for neutral conductor and Green for earth.

Haven gotten this knowledge, I started fixing damage home appliances in the house e.g. the wall socket, lamp holder, broken wires in an Iron etc. My siblings started calling me electrician, mum would call me engineer...Smiles

Mum used to sell children toys that uses batteries, some got damage due to carriage from one place to the other, and she would pile it up for me to fix, the cause of most it was a broken wire, which all I had to do was to join the cut wire together and behold it would start working.

There came a particular stubborn toy gun that I couldn't fix, the damage was beyond joining two cut wires, I never knew about soldering... I kept battling with it not wanting the name electrician/Engineer so stop.(lol).

The toy gun was loosed, I knew the source of the problem but I couldn't fix because the wires were soldered, It was disheartening and with heavy heart I eventually told my mum that the toy can't be fixed.


Not long after we were taught Soldering and I discovered that there is something called aluminium-silicon that is used for soldering, which was what was used in holding down the wires cut from my toy gun. So this is the solution to fixing my toy gun I exclaimed with joy, that was my "Eureka!" moment but I couldn't fix it still because I don't have the tools needed.

This is my entry to the #POB Word of the Week Challenge, an initiative of @calumam

Thanks for reading through!

From your Girl...Omotolani🥰

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Haven gotten this knowledge, I started fixing damage home appliances in the house e.g. the wall socket, lamp holder, broken wires in an Iron etc. My siblings started calling me electrician, mum would call me engineer...Smiles

I come to realise that there is no end to knowledge. The knowledge you derived from physics has really helped you and your mother's business.

Acquiring the knowledge might look so difficult but with persistent and constant eagerness, there will be nothing impossible to achieve.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

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What a happy ending.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Nice content and even aside from the fact that you make things look different while growing up by doing things in a different way,you also tend to make sure that the name you have gotten in that process stand still the Electrician/Engineer.

Let say you really motivate me alot in this content,aside the whole issue that round fixing of toy guns and all what your mum was selling that you do repair,you also out in place an act of courage while choosing department irrespective the level of discouragement you get from your siblings, especially they fact they they won't help you out with your assignment,you took a great decision and it was a success story at the end.

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