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RE: Malaria Prophylaxis and Natural Selection

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Malaria is obviously no joke. If not we'll tackled, it's a dangerous disease to have.
I have the AS gene and getting the malaria symptoms is at most 2ce a year. I can't imagine having to combat malaria every month. 🤔
Evolution as you've mentioned is something that is always bound to happen. Living things get to adapt to situations and may build immunity against certain things. This is actually the reason I try to do without drugs and let my body fight for itself. That way, it can build immunity if the case isn't a serious one.
I hope one day, malaria would be only in history books.

PS I got to your post from @dreemport

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I also sometimes feel like leaving malaria to run its course and hoping that my immune system will win the fight. However, I got to understand that complicated malaria is no joke. I once saw a post here on hive of a laboratory analysis showing that someone's blood sample was had a malaria parasite population of 60%. I mean, that person is a living dead.

In other words, it is better to just treat your malaria once they come. waiting for your body to fight it naturally might lead to a more complicated health situation.

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Assuming you are talking about my post, the patient did survive.

Can't say the same for the permanent damage and after effects. I do not have access to such privileged info.

You are right, I was talking about your post. I was not sure of the handle, I could have tagged you. I did say then that the patient might survive it but will definitely require blood transfusion as part of the treatment. Thanks for reading in between the lines

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Totally. She went through several units of blood products if I recall, which made it even more challenging as she needed the drugs to stay in her system.

I can imagine what it's like. Probably her first time of contracting the parasite

Fantastic comment! @dreemsteem! Loving this! 👆