Take care of health is ageless / Para cuidar da saúde não tem idade

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At any age, you need to take care of your health, but it is important to pay extra attention to the health of the elderly.👵👴

Including the mental health of the elderly.

Anyone who thinks that it is only physical health that suffers the consequences of time is very wrong.

Sometimes, the aging process forces people to go through situations that are not pleasant, such as the loss of loved ones, changes in the body, loneliness, loss of energy, among other things.

The fear of death itself is very present and a taboo for many families.

Depressive syndromes, dementias, ideation and/or attempted suicide, among other disorders, can be treated if identified.

Social isolation, loss of desire to do things, to interact with other people, forgetfulness, presence of delusions and hallucinations are some of the symptoms that must be taken very seriously!

There is no age to take care of your health! Take care of yourself!


Em qualquer idade é preciso cuidar da saúde, mas é importante ter uma atenção redobrada com saúde dos idosos.👵👴

Incluindo a saúde mental dos idosos.

Quem pensa que é só a saúde física que sofre as consequências do tempo está muito enganado.

Por vezes, o processo de envelhecimento obriga as pessoas a passarem por situações nada agradáveis, como a perda de entes queridos, as mudanças no corpo, a solidão, a perda de energia, entre outras coisas.

O próprio medo da morte é algo muito presente e um tabu para muitas famílias.

As síndromes depressivas, demências, ideação e/ou tentativa de suícidio, entre outros transtornos, podem ser tratados se identificados.

Isolamento social, perda da vontade de fazer as coisas, de interagir com outras pessoas, esquecimentos, presença de delírios e alucinações, são alguns dos sintomas que devem ser levados muito a sério!

Para cuidar da saúde não tem idade! Cuide-se!



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The fear of death itself is very present and a taboo for many families.

There is no such thing as death. What we call death is actually a transition. Death exists only on the physical level, but we are not really physical. We existed before we born on Earth, and we continue to exists after our physical human bodies die. Both being born and dying are just/only transitions. And similarly to death, time is also exists only on the physical level. So there is no such thing as time. Or rather there is infinite time. There is only the present and the eternity.

There is a thing called Near-Death Experience (NDE). It is worth to check it out. There are thousands of NDEs on the internet. I would like to recommend the website of NDERF. Currently this is the largest NDE database on the internet, currently with 4991 NDEs, and it is being constantly/regularly updated.

Merry Christmas.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.