Earning pob,leo and other token's and investing it another better means of developing the communities

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It is wide believe to some set of people that the community is all about earning and running away with what they have earned,this to me is something I don't what to agreed with and in fact I so much desist such understanding,cause to me that is another mean of not having a better future oneself or and even the community at large.

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The fundamental basis or structure at which the community was set on was to make sure that pepe who comes here earn POB and other token's in the hive system and save for the dry days, investing on the other side is another means if getting people independent adequately too in life,it is wide believe of recent due to what have heard that people or users don't understand the value of earning and investing.

Technically I want to say that this as really in one way or the other affected the price of some of this token too,since some of the users that we have only comes to earn and run away,have gone to the rich list and find out that those that are their before are still the one maintaining the line

I might not really know much about the Leo rich list and other communities,but I know that the prroofbrain community as some certain people on the list and I might not really arrange them accordingly too


Names listed above and many others too as been very consistent on the list,but thanks to a superb understanding they they have and posses , which to me is the reason why they have kept thier place on the list.

It is high time that we all come to the understanding that it is not all about earning to run away with,but earn and invest,to me as a user it is another means of helping the community too

No one becomes a whale in a day, it is a gradual process that comes with a quality Brain 🧠 of investing always.

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The main thing is to aim, invest, running away is laziness.We are here to invest and make the community know to people

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Well said, Brother.

We are here on #POB not just to get some rewards and run away but to stay and entertain, Add reasonable value and improve the worth and pride of this community and I am so glad that you realize that.

I'm proud of you.

Bless up.

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