Building the investor mindset

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hi hiven, Should I still say am new,but no am not and I want to say with little the period have spent here now,I can sincerely say that the learning process as been so good and fun too,let me say all work no play makes me a dull boy mate lolz😁,did I just say boy oh no😆

But that is not just the main focus of the content,but I just felt like thier should be an avenue where by will play and have fun in content or Post as it may be preferably called😄

when I come think of how far people have gone in life,I sincerely marveled at the pace at which some set of individual have taken in life,it is not that this set of people are the best in life but they have taken all that is required in life so serious and now they are reaping the rewards

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I sincerely believe that no one start big in life,which means we all start from a spot and our ideas and been consistent too actually distinguished those set of people among others,

have you ever thought of what as makes the whale's in the community the best till now and why the rich list is not really having any new faces or name of recent

Oh you have not right?,think about it then

To me and my opinion I want to say is as a result that some set of individual have an investor mind set,while some are just with the opinion of eating up all what they see or make today.

One of the greatest proverb that I grew up with says ,

you don't eat up your tomorrow just because of the sweetness of today

And this is one thing that as differentiate the poor from the rich of recent

Having an investor mindset has alot to do with our life,cause it will definitely help us in getting the best side of life in a very good way,,I sincerely want to say the rich list today is all made up of people with the investing mind and not those with the eating and running away understanding.

I came across @amr008 post where he talked about putting an end to his engagement program and I want to say this will only affect those who have only turn the community to a place where they come and swipe away token with no plans for the future.

It is high time we all learn to take risk irrespective of the end results,be an investor and be ready to losse too,this are just the process of getting it well and big life.

I dropped my pen right now 🖊️🖊️🖊️🖊️

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The rich list is absolutely a list of folks with an investor mindset. I don't think it is that hard to get onto the rich list, at least not in POB and some of the other communities within Hive. All you have to do is regularly engage and post good content, all the while staking everything, or near everything you earn. I have staked most everything I have earned in POB and now have 2000 POB staked. 1/4 of that was earned via a contest, but other than that, it's all be curation and posts. The more your interact with the folks on POB, or hive in general, the better known you become and the more votes you'll get...which leads to a larger wallet. The folks on the rich list have also put their own money into the system. You get a return on your money every time you curate. As I understand it, I'll get half of what I upvote on your content, and that's without having to be upvoted myself and without commenting...I just enjoy the interaction, so I do comment. :)

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Great write up, Bro.

Keep the fire burning.🔥🔥

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