sixth sense : The human sensor, is it?

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Perhaps one of the most emblematic or if not one of the most intriguing in relation to our body, would be the search for the sixth sense, are we able to activate it or is it activated at a certain moment of danger or when we have our eyes closed, for example. The truth is that both science and ourselves seek explanations of supernatural facts about what happens in a certain everyday scene, which can sometimes be related to the sixth sense.


On certain occasions, when I drive a car or riding a motorcycle, I sometimes nap for a few seconds, due to sleepless nights, with few hours dedicated to mental and body rest, and oddly enough, it always seems when the vehicle, motorcycle, comes close to an obstacle, whether it's a speed bump or another vehicle, my eyes automatically open, causing me to wake up from the slight sleepiness instantly. Are these examples of some human sensor we have? Is it possible to develop this self-control system in our body?


Another example, perhaps many have already experienced this sensation or these episodes in everyday life, would be when we at some point stopped or walking and for a moment someone watches us or fixes their eyes intently on us and oddly enough, we turn our eyes in the direction of the target, by natural instinct. How could that be possible without at least seeing him first?


And for you, what would be the function of the sixth sense? As we do not have an in-depth study on the subject, there are only hypotheses and suggestions, and not a relatively true one, but we cannot rule out the options. With technology improving more and more, we may in the near future be closer to knowing the truth about the sixth sense, of course, that they are asleep and who knows, we may not even realize that we have it.

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