Thursdays in the garden

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Each Thursday Dzigbordi and I make the 40 minute drive across Accra to check on our little garden. Usually we weed, plant, and propagate trimmings.

Today was another day like that. I am really trying to get a healthy batch of basil going but it is the season for caterpillars too and they have really been munching my basil. So today I put out some neem cake around the base of the plants and sprayed then with a bit of neem oil, citronella oil and black soap in a spray bottle.

Other than that it was mainly some weeding and propagating some basil cuttings. Dzigbordi took all the photos today and it looks like I was her subject. You can see it was a very hot and humid day as I have sweated through my entire shirt.

There is a type of grass we are fighting still that is kind of like a false tiger nut, it has a nut type root and develops a network under the soil. Slowly but surely we will pull it all up and keep adding more mulch.

Top it off with a little watering. We are in the rainy season but it has not rained as much this week as the 2 previous weeks.

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That is good

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Nice view and you guys are doing well and regards to your friend

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