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RE: "Trust THE Science", "Do you believe in science", "The Science says...", "The science is settled" - If you know the scientific method these things should have you appalled.

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The University System was created by Legal Charters that defined their purpose.
First was to create an institution the masses accepted as a Knowledge Base. Second was to publish... ‘science’.... that could be used politically towards... certain nefarious goals.
Third was to engage the public... which was triggered a few years ago.
You said you have watched the Narrative change from Global Warming to Climate Change...
I guess I am a bit older, because, before the internet they were scaring us with a coming ice age!


Scientific Method is a tool. It doesn't have anything to do with the Universities. In fact, if you understand the method you can use it with or without a piece of paper.

The degrees and universities have been come argument from authority fallacies.

In reality if a University is good all it should indicate is there is a higher probability a student might have been exposed to certain information. That's it.

Yet that can also be bad as it often is today.

However, they use that piece of paper from these universities as though that is what makes a person a scientist.

It isn't. A scientist is someone who uses the scientific method. That doesn't make them any kind of authority as the scientific method doesn't have anything about authority anywhere in it.

If they published their methodology, data, and how others can collect the data then anyone should be able to attempt to replicate and in the process strengthen the theory/hypothesis, or destroy the same.

Some things of course require certain skills, and access to equipment that not just everyone will have access to. These are areas that Universities can still be quite important.

The problem is the Universities are being corrupted so people are getting a sizeable helping of indoctrination served with the rest of the education.

I am aware of the Ice Age scare as well. People still point that out as a possibility fairly often. Yet now that they've labeled it "Climate Change" they would say they were not wrong if an ice age did happen.

I am 50 years old. That'll give you the time frame for what I lived for. My parents were Hippies so I've pretty much been engaged in "Earth Day" type stuff since it's inception. In fact, I think initially that was a positive movement as is usually the case. It is nothing of the sort these days.