Exciting and terrifying things that will happen years from now

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I previously wrote an article where I talked about what I think the world will look like 100 years from now (you can check it out here) and that was my entry for this week's hive naija prompt. While I was researching some of the things I talked about in that article, I discovered a couple of exciting and terrifying things that will be available in the world many years from now. Let's check them out.


Immortality is possible!

This sound crazy, right? Imagine if humans can stop aging and remain the way they are without the natural process of growing old and dying, isn't that what immortality is? We won't be invincible and can still die as a result of accidents but natural death will be eliminated, do you believe something like that can be possible?

What if I tell you that scientists are currently working on a way to stop aging and even reverse it, and they have actually made a breakthrough! A group of scientists conducted a study on some set of people and they were able to reverse their, making them 25 years younger on a cellular level! I read the report and what they talked about actually makes a lot of sense.


Now I won't bore you all with all the science involved but the summary of it is that there are some cells in the body that controls aging and they are called telomeres. As years pass by, these telomeres keep getting shorter as the cells in your body keep dividing and duplicating and that's part of what brings about aging. When the telomeres become too short, cells stop duplicating and they slowly start dying without getting replaced.

Scientists have figured out a way to slow down the rate at which those telomeres shorten, they have even figured out a way to increase their length and possibly stop them from shortening! That simply means that cells get to keep duplicating and we will never grow old! It's unbelievable, right? Like I said earlier, I won't go into the full details about all of it and if you're interested in knowing everything about it, then check this out: Scientists make breakthrough in anti-aging treatment and reverse signs of aging in human cells

Controlling a computer with your mind

Image by kjpargeter - freepik.com

This sounds like something taken out of a sci-fi movie but the crazy thing is that it will be our reality one day. Elon Musk is the crazy genius behind this and he calls it neuralink. What is it about? According to Elon, a chip will be implanted in the brain of a person and that chip can be connected to a computer or phone and the person can control that gadget with just their thoughts!

It sounded crazy when I first heard about it and it was even crazier when I watched a video of a monkey playing video games on a computer with nothing but his thoughts! They already did the procedure on the monkey and implanted the chip in his brain, they connected the chip to a computer (just like how you connect a computer to your phone's WiFi) and the monkey was able to play games just by thinking about what to do and it happened on the screen!

They have also tested it on a pig and it has been working very well without issues in both animals. According to reports, they will soon start testing it on humans and they are just waiting for the government's approval. The chip will enable people with paralysis to be able to use phones and computers and Elon even claims it will be able to cure paralysis.

What's the terrifying aspect of all these?

Image by nizovatina - freepik.com

First of all, the cure for aging is bound to bring up problems sooner or later. Scientists are messing with things that are embedded deep in the DNA, and the chance of things going wrong is very high. They might end up creating a new problem that may end up being worse than cancer and other cell-related diseases.

And also, there will be a big problem with the world population if something like that is successful. Even with the presence of death in the world, we are still battling with overpopulation, what will happen if we remove the death factor? Humans will be giving birth every year but nobody will be dying, there will be a very big population issue in a very short time. I personally think age reversal and anti-aging are very bad ideas.

Now, let's talk about Elon Musk's neuralink, I can already see a lot of negative side effects with that tech. First of all, what if an error or mistake is made during the implanting process, won't the person become comatose? They are poking around someone's brain with a needle, a very small mistake will lead to a big disaster, they might end up killing that part of the brain.


What about long-term negative effects? Believe it or not, something like that will bring up problems in the long run. A person has a foreign object sitting on their brain, that looks like a recipe for a new disease or illness. The body may end up trying to fight the chip and that in turn can lead to the occurrence of cancer or maybe a new disease will be introduced to the world.

All these science and technology sounds amazing but they are just going to create new problems for us. In the quest to solve a problem, scientists will bring up a solution in form of new tech or discovery and that new solution will end up creating new problems which they will try to also solve with new technologies, more problems are created as a result and the crazy cycle of new problems to new techs continues forever.

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