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RE: Israeli COVID Deaths Are Worse After The Shot Rollouts. Huge Spike in Death Immediately After 3rd Shots. 'Trust The Science'.

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Correlation is not causation.

I’m all for body autonomy. You should be able to choose if the shot is right for you. Risk tolerance is unique per individual and the decision of how to mitigate risk should be up to the individual.

Here’s my hypothesis: immunity whether through vaccination or natural is limited by time. I caught Covid at the end of December/Early January. I was just tested for the antibodies yesterday and my results were that I didn’t have many antibodies left. I did not receive the vaccine at least yet. It’ll probably be mandated for me soon.

I know it’s not much more than conjecture due to the sample size but working as a paramedic I see a lot of people that are dealing with Covid. Most hospitalizations I see are either unvaccinated or only received the first shot. I have seen an uptick in the younger population getting sick with this iteration of the virus. Oddly enough, I haven’t seen many with natural immunity reinfected and some recent study I read said that “breakthrough” cases are more likely in vaccinated patients who had only received the first part of the series vs. the naturally immune.

I also feel like a huge part of this are people getting more lackadaisical with hygiene and PPE. They’re tired of being locked up. Hand washing and limited interaction in less ventilated areas are key IMO.

That all being said (since my antibodies are low) my PPE has been basically all that’s defended me from catching the virus again from confirmed Covid positive people.

I do think I’m seeing more cases now vs the first wave but a majority of these people that are going to the hospital were never vaccinated nor did they catch the virus in the first wave.

Coercion is not the answer in any case.


There was a situation where someone in a similar situation to you - caught COVID in December 2020; and tested that Antibodies still existed as recently as a month ago.

Agree with your statement: Coercion is NEVER the answer.

Absolutely. I was kind of let down to find out mine did not last. I should have been fairly consistently exposed. I think this just relies on the individual. A coworker of mine in a similar situation caught Covid a few months after me. She has no signs of any antibodies.

thanks for your considered response here. one reason that natural immunity is more effective than the shots, including even in the short term before the effects of the shots wears off, is that the shots only target the spike protein and not the entire virus. natural immunity targets the whole virus- all its other parts.
however, the situation is much more complicated.
the data clearly shows that immediately after every iteration of shots more people die. the deaths occur within 48 hours of rollout in large numbers, which is entirely consistent with vaccine induced deaths and not possible from the disease itself. If you look at my previous, linked, posts you will find this in over 90 countries. in particular, note the island which had zero covid until the vaccines arrived.