Jurassic Park : Reality V/s What's shown in the movie !

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Hello everyone ,
do you guys have a craze for watching movies ? movies like Jurassic park...?

If yes then i have something for you , i came across a content that teaches you about the real knowledge and what was shown in the movie of Jurassic Park.

images - 2021-07-13T155114.336.jpeg


The raptors that are shown in the movie are not actually how a real raptors look like.

The real raptor is not so big and it is even smaller than that of a normal human size , in the video you will also learn about t-rex and his attacks.

There is a part of video where the person describes about whether we can survive a t-rex attack with some special kind of dress.

The video is full of great knowledge about dinosaurs and science.

Personally , I found that video quite interesting and informative.

I am sharing the video below and you can watch it if you also like to learn about science and dinosaurs.


Thank U

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