INTRODUCTION: An Advocate for Mental Health and Drug Abuse

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Hello Proofofbrain,
It is with blessedness to join this awe-inspiring community of people with great value and commitment to add sense of honor to the world of information and economic sustainability.

I am a passionate, organized and dedicated health educator with a demonstrated passion for mental health promotion and drug abuse prevention. I am highly skilled, compassionate, empathetic and solution-oriented mental health and drug abuse prevention professional dedicated to providing exceptional awareness, promotional activities and implementing effective intervention plans for children, adolescents and adults experiencing or exposed to behavioural, psychological, and drug and alcohol abuse.


My enormous contributions to this prestigious community will revolve improve the mental health status of individuals of this community. It is in my core value to enhance the quality of life of all people and to reduce suicide attempt and premature deaths by publishing articles that will furnish you with necessary techniques to cope with varying mental health challenges at every stage of life. By implication, my advent in this community will reduce the cost individuals would spend on medical treatment and facility.

I have coordinated and functioned in several mental health campaign such as, depression, suicide, post traumatic stress disorder, eating disorder, drug-induced psychosis, HIV and AIDS among other life threatening disease. I hope to further intensify my effort in improving the lives of people living with mental health problems in the rural and urban community through my campaign and outreach. Your upvote and contributions will have a snowball effects on my sincere services to humanity as any reward realized will be put into this cause.

My hobbies include dancing, singing, swimming, research, meeting and helping people. I hope to have great moments in this community for I can do what I love to do best. I must sincerely register my appreciation to the admin of this community for creating a such a platform for cross-pollination of ideas and valuable information.

The Proofofbrain community should anticipate my debut article on this page. It promises to be educative, informative and phenomenal. Watch out!

My name is Owolabi Akinwunmi Abraham my friends call me Judicious. I write from a Southwestern state in Nigeria.

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Welcome to the community. I hope your activities bear fruit. There are a couple of things regarding content creation you should be made aware of at this time, if you haven't been told already.

If you're not familiar with the HIVE platform, I recommend the following articles to improve on your experiences here:

Please review at least the articles above on your new journey. Some contain links to other articles that will serve you well.

The link to the POB Discord is here: Please feel free to join up. There are many helpful people that can lead you along the way.

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You're very welcome.

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Wow,what an introductory post,this is wonderful and I must say this is one of the very best have come across here since have joined .

Well detailed and a very good say when it comes to defining who you are,I must also say this is very nice from you and welcome to hive community.

I didn't really see where you mentioned about what you know already about the platform,but even if you do and you didn't input that,it is still not bad at all for a new user.

Which I can really tell you lot of things about how things go here,cause I love to see new users coming in and we'll informed so as to avoid story that touched as they keep engaging in the platform.

Permit me to say you have alot to learn here on this platform and nice content will be expected to come from you ,even base on your profession more is expected from you to actually helps life here on this platform.

Your engagement in the health sectors as really shows what is expected from you as you have function in so many areas

Permit me to also tell you that you have a lot to gain and freedom of expression is the best thing that makes this platform the best.

Aside that will their is more to enjoy here on this platform and let me say welcome to the best community

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Thanks, I will do my best to share my knowledge of this platform.

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