The Work Will Never Be The Same

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Work will never be the same after the COVID-19 pandemic. If there is one thing that was positive during this pandemic, it was the way work and working relationships have changed in these almost 2 years.

We had confirmation that home office is really here to stay. Companies like this are reducing the costs of renting rooms, water bills, electricity, internet and other expenses with employees.

Working from home also brought ease and quality of life to workers. It is no longer necessary to leave the house after 5:00 am to take a bus and subway for a 2-hour journey to get to work, in addition to the family issue. The fathers and mothers are working at home and taking care of their children.

The work and the way we see work has changed. Jobs in factories, stores and other sectors are being replaced by online jobs.

This will certainly be the reason for an apparent increase in unemployment in the coming years, but not because of a lack of work, but a lack of qualification of people for the so-called "jobs of the future", many of them linked to technology.

I'm already studying and qualifying for these jobs. Besides my photography and my artwork, I'm studying programming, web development and Blockchain development. I plan to become a developer and also earn money from tech jobs.

The work will never be the same, and we need a lot of courage, creativity and willpower to meet the challenges that the future holds.

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I think I love the idea of working from home! It saves the employees of stress and everyday expenses on bus fares.

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I'm not going to lie. It was pretty awesome with its own share of drawbacks.

  • I didn't have to drive hours per day or get stuck in traffic
  • I got extra hours of sleep and when I got up, I just walked to my desk
  • If I wanted to nap during lunchtime, I just napped without worrying about losing my job.
  • Didn't have to drink tons of coffee to stay awake
  • Didn't have to spend money on fast food or hundreds on gas

The drawbacks were minor in comparison. I'll miss it.

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You sure will miss it dear. Smiles

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Espero que essas mudanças tragam boas novas para o sistema trabalhista, no geral... Aqui como é cidade pequena e não precisamos nos deslocar para tão longe, não há tanta diferença, mas como você disse, nas cidades maiores esse é um fato que muda bastante.

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The covid-19 pandemic has played a lot of roll in our day to day lives, it positive and negative impact is something we all need adapt to, but amazing I would say i have felt the negative side of it and adapting to the positive side, because after loosing my job, the world was like hell to me but now with my new job.... the world is reshaping it self on me. My heart still goes to does who lost their love ones during this pandemic.

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