The "Social Vigilantes" of Decentralized Environments

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The worst thing I see in Blockchain communities, as here in Hive and also in Steemit (Steem) since 2016 are a small group of "social vigilantes" that occasionally appear in the ecosystem wanting to dictate rules of how to vote, what or what vote, denounce attitudes that for them are "greed" or that certain people want to drain the reward pool.

I believe that these individuals interfere more than they help the community. They generate polemics without foundation and need, create wars, divisions and this can indeed put an end to a project. Blockchain is a conflict resolution environment and not a stage for ego wars.

Those who do this don't understand that this is an environment of economic and social freedom. The Blockchain tries to reproduce what would be a "free market", where individuals make voluntary exchanges among themselves, using the power that this technology provides, and the economic value provided by it through coins and tokens.

The Blockchain is not a philanthropic organization, it is not an "alternative society", it is not a democratic regime. Blockchain is an ecosystem that allows interactions and sustainable growth of a community where prosperity is the objective and the watchword.

There is no space on the Blockchain for children's wars and dramas. Let's think about it and let's build this environment with more harmony, cooperation, prosperity and peace.

Good weekend everyone!

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This is nothing but the truth. The ecosysyem need to find out these 'social vigilanties' to avoid unnecessary disorder by forming rules that they can't even observe but want to impose it on others

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We need solutions, not problems. Big hug!

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The solution is to keep on trucking’.


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second that one :)

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Así es amigo, en paz funcionan mejor las cosas.Felicidades.


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I can say we are all mature to know what's is good and wrong, so let's not abuse the privilege we have and let's no one monopolies anything as we all wants growth in the platform.

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That's the way, but few understand that...

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Then I guess we will look out for those that do not understand and take adequate effect to make them respect the system.

Are you talking about Hive?, I my opinion, Hive has huge issues with that most "bigger" Hive power holders are brainwashed individuals in my experience, thats why I got the idea for LasseCash.

I see what you did there. That’s a card right out of my ‘non-invasive, sly marketing’ strategies.

Nicely executed!

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I staked 5000 LASSECASH POWER for your comment, even I believe you need a new username, maybe your real name?

Así es amigo, en paz funcionan mejor las cosas, Felicidades.

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I believe most of us see the possibility of a major social breakdown into chaos if we aren’t all more cautious.

Humans have an accidentally talent for creating hostile circumstances. No one is really to blame, there’s just something about us that being situations to boiling points.

I believe that this volcano that seems to be stirring is avoidable. We are all adults (mostly) and taking a moment to calm down before throwing rocks in the volcano is helpful.

I’m more worried about potential new members being frightened away.

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Very well-written my friend.

"free market" <<--- true cryptocurrency and blockchain tech is in the free market!

Decentralized Environments <<--- please read/watch this: <<--- decentralization is good for censorship resistance, centralized ownership works regardless.