The Difficulty of Focusing on my Goal

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As I said yesterday in my post about the future of work , I'm looking for a new profession besides photography, which is programming and development.

I intend to join and work in this technology market (something I've been passionate about for a long time), I see many opportunities and I know I can also conquer my space by developing solutions for Hive, who knows...

But, my desire and dream are not enough. I have to study a lot until then, and I have been spending days and nights studying for it.

It's not easy considering that I have my occupations in photography, my work as a journalist and selling my paintings. Also, I have a young daughter who needs my attention.

I recently finished my studies as a Python programmer. I finished my basic HTML course yesterday, and I intend to finish the advanced HTML course later this week.

On the other hand, I'm also studying about JavaScript, CSS and I'll also study about Bootstrap, Django, as I intend to specialize in web development.

All the courses I'm taking I found for free in some applications and also by Telegram in some channels that offer free courses in the technology area.

Unfortunately, my current financial conditions do not allow me to pay for a specialized course, and I am very grateful to see that there are free courses on the Net.

I am committed, motivated and very interested. I know I can go far, and my walk doesn't end here, it's just beginning!

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With focus and passion for what you want i believe u can succeed. You just need to avoid unnecessary distractions


I love the way u are motivated about this,it is always hard to start but as u continue it become more easy

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Thank you! 🙏

Ure welcome

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