Now I'm Looking for a Job

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Now, after a lot of study and some practice, I decided to look for my first job as a developer.

My goal today and due to my experience in photography with Photoshop and other web design tools is to work as a Frontend developer.

I studied a lot of the JavaScript language and complementary knowledge like Django, CSS, HTML and Bootstrap. All the knowledge acquired gave me security to be looking for my first job as a Junior Frontend Developer today.

I made my profile on LinkedIn, and I'm already looking for a job. Anxiety and insecurity always accompany me, but I'm sure that like many other developers, I will also have my space.

I see it will not be easy. While there are several job openings, there is also a lot of competition.

I really want to have this experience working on a project in a company or in a startup, but if it doesn't happen, I would like to be able to develop a job focused on technology myself.

Despite these dilemmas, I am "open-hearted" and open to anything that might happen. I'm persistent, and I don't give up until I get it.

A good week everyone!

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Good luck!

Try UpWork. Submit profiles to many sites.

Nice tip, thank you! ✌️🙏

Sucesso e boa sorte nesta nova fase. Com a pandemia muitas empresas adotaram o trabalho remoto em definitivo, talvez isso signifique mais oportunidades. As startups do mercado blockchain e corretoras de criptomoedas tb podem estar recrutando e sua experiência na área pode ser um diferencial. Saúde, sucesso e boa sorte mais uma vez!

Boa! Tô correndo atrás! Valeu!✌️🙏

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