Challenges and Opportunities Amidst Technological Advancement

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It is a "way of no return". The technology going forward and in the coming years will only evolve and it will be necessary for us human beings to deal with all this change that advances day by day.

Many jobs that until now are essential and made by human hand will be replaced by machines or simply many jobs will be extinct, or outdated.

This is already a reality in car factories, in various production lines in industries, and also in some food establishments. Robots today do the same job much faster and more efficiently than if it were done by a team of mechanics and engineers.

A great example of how technology and our relationship with work, or what we understand by work, which is very close to us, is what has been done in large fast food chains, such as McDonald's.

Today we no longer see those attendants who used to stay at the counter to take notes and place your order, now each store has a digital totem where you place the order, insert your credit card on it and the order goes directly to the unit's kitchen system.

With this change and technological advancement, many people have certainly lost their jobs. With the COVID-19 pandemic, evidence that technology will replace many jobs has become more evident. Many stores closed their doors, events were no longer held and many services that were previously done in person, became remote.

The pandemic showed us how much our relationship with work will change, how many professions and jobs will simply cease to exist because they do not keep up with this demand for technology in the labor market today.

The solution I see in all of this would be to get these workers who lost their jobs to qualify, study, take courses related to technology and programming. There are several courses available on the internet, many of them even free. Opportunities for this area are only growing every day and salaries are very attractive.

The future is certainly promising and instead of having technology and the evolution of work as "enemies", we must have them as allies, because with them we are going to build from now on a more prosperous world with opportunities for all of us.

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