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RE: When People Find Hive Blog Posts Useful & Frustrations in Coding

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I guess those feedbacks you got from even non-hive users while probably scouring for information on the internet shows that you don't even have to be be a talent blogger, provided you're particularly covering a niche that some people would find very useful on the internet, it could connect them to be exposed to the information hive has to offer.
I believe collectively, people who write some of the most sought after niches on the internet are writers like you. Problem solving techy contents that really comes in handy. I guess with time, we'll definitely get there. Hive is already a plethora of information, commerce, entertainment, crypto and finance, we just need to push it out more


Thank You @josediccus! I need to go back to writing more about programming and learn more along the way. You are right there Hive is a network of information.