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Finally you evil genius, you manage to finally get this one out hahaha, lovely. Well, I'm most creative early in the morning and in the midnight and even if this wasn't stated in the post, it feels like finding a recipe for writer's block or better still, creators block. In essence, I do feel that you took a very different approach to this one. Well done, it was actually very lovely.

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Thank you for your encouraging words @josediccus,

People have more creative spurts at night because the brain is half asleep. Last night I woke up to a mosquito and although I was bit I had a lucid dream and a stream of ideas. There is a strange balance between productivity and relaxed state.

I needed to relax more on this one. I tried too hard. That's the big mistake I made. Too much thinking fries the brain.


It is the heat and the humidity. I don't know if I will make it through next week, but just one day at a time. If I had to write this one over I would make it super simple.^^

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I write most of my stuff either late at night or in the small hours of the morning. That state between awake and asleep is alluring. An incredible article @mineopoly . As I was reading it I was picturing myself taking a shower and everything that I sense and feel during the experience and thereafter and you are so right! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Well done.

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