What the rocks of Mars tell us.

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What the rocks of Mars tell us.


NASA's perseverance rover has begun to collect pieces of the puzzle from the history of Mars, collecting its first two samples of the rock nicknamed rochette.

Analysis of the rocks can help the science team reconstruct the past timeline in that area, an area that was marked by volcanic activity and periods of persistent water, mission scientist Ken Farley said, "It seems that our first rocks reveal a potentially habitable sustained environment ”said the researcher.

There are traces of the presence of water but at the moment scientists cannot specify how long that liquid water remained, for example, it could be the case that the crater will fill with water from a flood and it will end up drying up in about 50 years, finding out how long the water was kept and the living conditions in the area is one of the challenges for researchers today.


Crystalline minerals have been found in rocks and cas that are especially useful in radiometric dating so they can help scientists accurately date when the rocks were formed, and salts have been discovered within those rocks, the salts may have been formed when the groundwater flowed and altered the original minerals in the rock or more likely formed when the liquid water ended up evaporating leaving the salts behind and something even more interesting the minerals may have also trapped small bubbles from the ancient Martian water, if are present could serve as microscopic time capsules, offering us clues about the ancient climate and habitability of Mars.

In addition, the salt minerals can come as a surprise since they have the ability to preserve signs of ancient life, well at least that is what happens with the salt minerals on earth, let's hope that the same thing happens on Mars.

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