Voyager 1 captures strange data

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Voyager 1 captures strange data


Voyager 1 is a robotic space probe, it weighs about 722 kilograms and was launched on September 5, 1977, it is quite a veteran, it is now 23.3 billion kilometers from the earth, in fact, it is the object created by humans that is further from us.

The light takes 20 hours and 33 minutes to travel that distance and that means that it takes almost 2 days to send a message and receive a response, the original mission of this spacecraft was to visit Jupiter and Saturn and it was the first probe to provide us with detailed images of the satellites of those planets.

The ship is still operational, it continues to study the Kuiper belt and beyond, as well as it continues to send data about what it is finding in that deep space, although with limited instruments since its energy source is running out.

The power supply of the ship comes from a radioisotope thermoelectric generator, to summarize this RTG converts the heat from the decomposition of a radioactive material into electricity, that is the fundamental thing that we must know, the problem is that this radioactive battery is running out, the Technicians have already deactivated several radiator systems in order to save energy for the scientific instruments so that they can continue to work a little longer and NASA believes that both Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 will continue to operate beyond 2025.

Voyager 1 is discovering things that they did not expect, deep space is more full of radiation, particles and activity than astronomers thought before, currently the ship keeps the antenna oriented towards the earth to be able to send and receive data, that It works fine, the systems actually work fine, but the telemetry data, that is to say what it is sending, is invalid data, in fact it seems that it is randomly generated, it is as if it has literally gone “crazy”.

At the moment the problem has not activated the ship's failure protection systems, because it seems that everything works fine except that the data is completely crazy, that ship's failure protection system would make the ship go into safe mode, it is a a bit strange because the signal has not weakened either, the antenna is fine, the signal is fine, there is still power but the data is completely abnormal, it is not known if this failure will affect other systems and the experts hope to correct it or see what is what is really happening.


The ship is sending us amazing and surprising data about what is happening beyond in interstellar space, because for some years it left the heliopause that is the bubble as far as the activity of the solar wind reaches, it has not left the solar system, but one thing is how far the sun's gravity reaches that affects the comets of the Oort cloud and the objects of the kuiper belt and another thing is how far the solar wind bubble reaches, which would be like the solar atmosphere, that solar atmosphere has been outflanked and is in the interstellar medium.

Voyager 1 is sending us information about what is happening there, there is a lot of radiation and many particles from the intergalactic medium, they are data and they are radiation from particles that are not captured inside the bubble where we live, inside the solar bubble because the solar wind expels them, and outside of it is where these things that the ship is capturing are happening, let's wait for more information about this unknown phenomenon.

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