Unexpected events of the sun.

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Unexpected events of the sun.


The great explosion that occurred on February 15 with the name of sunspot AR2936, is the same one that in early February indirectly destroyed 40 satellites of SpaceX's Starling constellation, apparently since then the spot has grown while it was in the other side of the sun, but now the sun is turning and the spot is going to come back pointing towards the earth.

It is a spot that is not stopped, it is in full activity, this region is still very active and the sun is now turning in our direction, in a few days we will have it facing us, in addition, astronomers have captured two more sunspots in the active region AR2954 and the “innocent looking” AR2955.


These starling satellites were destroyed in a somewhat indirect way, it turns out that the solar storm caused the earth's atmosphere to swell and these satellites were launched on February 3, they had not yet reached their normal orbit height, they were still very low and what happened is that they rubbed against that atmospheric gas that had swelled and therefore suffered a braking that ended up destroying them, for that reason these 40 satellites of the starling launch have been affected, but the 2000 satellites have not been affected that are in orbit of this constellation, nor the rest of the space satellites, since the solar storm was actually moderate, it was a G2.

But what can come next if this sunspot continues to be so active and rotates and gets in position towards us it could be a much more powerful solar storm, that is a serious problem that we have right now, what is going to happen to this sunspot, what is going to happen if it is going to continue to be so active or is it just getting weaker.

The only event that we have as a reference is the famous carrington event of the 19th century, this event is supposed to be between G5 or more, but it is not very clear at what level to place that event since at that time electronic technology was in its infancy , practically the only thing that worked with electricity were the telegraphs and little else, right now it would be a catastrophe since we depend on technology based on space satellites that are very sensitive to the issue of solar storms, apart from the fact that our electronic technology is infinitely greater and it is much more widespread than it was in the 19th century.

Keep in mind that the international space station orbits at an altitude of about 400 kilometers, it is protected even though it is in space, it is still protected by the earth's magnetic field which is an advantage for the astronauts who are there, it is Obviously less protected than we who are on the surface of the planet, but it still has protection, the problem is the trips to the moon and to Mars, there is no longer any protection and therefore the ships must be armored to avoid this type of problem, The shielding does not need to be with lead plates or metal shielding, there is a very good shielding for radiation that is water.

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