The weirdness of the universe we know.

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The weirdness of the universe we know.

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A group of researchers want to send an atomic clock to a halo of dark matter that surrounds the sun, sending atomic clocks into space is not something new, they are already working on the satellites that build the network of global positioning systems such as GPS of the United States or the Galileo system of the European Union.

Atomic clocks work by carefully measuring the frequency of photons emitted during the transitions of different states of atoms, specifically cesium 133 atoms are used, one of those atoms produces 9,192. 631,730 oscillations per second and never emits one more or one less, with this you can measure time with an enormous precision scale.

Researchers assume that dark matter is everywhere, but also according to some theories, not all dark matter is the same or not all the particles or elements that make it up would be the same, one of these theories is known as ultralight dark matter. , if that ultralight dark matter exists in the way that theory predicts it should cause slight oscillations in the constants of nature, such as the mass of electrons or the electromagnetic force.

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Here atomic clocks come into play because these clocks use the constants of nature to function, so any change in these constants should be reflected in the operation of the atomic clock, a large mass of Ultra Light dark matter in the vicinity of an atomic clock they could modify these frequencies, since the oscillations of the dark matter slightly increase and decrease the energy of the photon emitted by the cesium, that means that the Tic Tac of the atomic clock would be modified.

Cesium atomic clocks lose one second every 100 million years, this accuracy caught the attention of now-news researchers who thought they could use an atomic clock to detect dark matter, but what is dark matter? To be honest we don't know what it is, there are several theories, but we don't really know what it's made of, we do know what it does, since it has a large-scale gravitational effect on Galaxies and on the structure of the universe.

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The big question is that we do not know what it is made of, it is proven that it is not normal matter like the one that forms stars, planets or our own bodies.

Dark matter can be concentrated in large masses of clouds in space, but it can actually be everywhere, it is something ghostly that does not interact with normal matter, in practice right now we could be passing through dark matter particles without it affect us at all.

All this sounds very strange, phantom particles that are going through us hardly sounds like science, because then scientists call it matter, because it has gravitational effects and, said very simply, in physics what has gravity is matter, but we don't know about it. what it is made of, nor how it arose and that is a big problem because there is a lot, a lot, the current estimate is that there is 23% dark matter in the universe, another 72% of the universe is made up of dark energy, responsible for the expansion of the universe and also another of the great mysteries of science and only 5% of the universe is matter and energy known as normal.

Seen in this way, humans are a rarity, on a strange planet, made up of rare particles, living in a universe that is very strange to us, since it is made up for the most part by matter and energy that we still do not know what it is, although we capture their efects.

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