The space force prepares mission to monitor from the moon.

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The space force prepares mission to monitor from the moon.


The United States space force plans to send a ship to the moon to monitor the actions of Russia and China that take place here, in fact they have released a video showing how this military surveillance ship would act.

The idea of ​​the United States space force, which is independent of the air force, is precisely to monitor what happens on the moon, they consider it a strategic objective for the future, both economically and scientifically.

According to the statement they say that "they consider that the management of the growing space traffic around the moon, including several commercial missions sponsored by NASA, the Artemis program, the space agency and other nations" this must be emphasized, "is going to fill up with people out there” and according to a report from the center for strategic and international studies on the moon it is a priority objective for the next decade.


The question under discussion is that if the moon should have border territories or should it be like Antarctica, for all nations alike, a place open to scientific research and for all that there were no borders, but I don't know, I'm sure the moon is going to be the next continent to be explored and exploited, however they do it, however they share it out, because that is the question of these times in which we live.

Any nation that wants to be a world power and wants to participate in that distribution of the moon will have to put its paw or its flag on the moon, but I hope that something like Antarctica would be a joint exploitation for the benefit of all humanity. and not that there are privileged nations for the simple fact of having weapons or powerful bases there.

But the exploration of the moon, at least scientific exploration, continues to advance, sooner or later there will be humans living on the moon, that is clear, there are advantages, it is not only a question of natural resources, there is a special advantage in the moon that we do not have or that it is not usually talked about and is that it is an ideal place for the industry of the future, not because the industry is polluting but because or because certain special resources are needed, but because on the moon we have some characteristics that we do not find on earth to produce alloys or chemical combinations or certain essential molecules for other products and it is that on the moon there is low gravity, there is a vacuum and in its orbit at a very low altitude, microgravity conditions can be had.

And in these microgravity conditions, special and specific alloys and materials that are very important for the industry of the future can be produced, materials that are being developed and that are currently being investigated, for example, by the international space station.


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